Kenmore Elite Appliance Reviews and Sweepstakes!

Four lucky BlogHer Reviewers upgraded to the latest appliances from Kenmore. Each blogger is updating us on their experience over the next few weeks as they discover how truly innovative these appliances are. After reading their posts and learning about the advanced features, which appliance would make the biggest change in your life? ...more

I would love to win the fridge - of course would love any of them because I need everything new ... more

Show & Tell -- NieNie Asks: When (and How) Do You Holiday Decorate?

Hi all, I'm back with another weekly question: When do you think it's OK to decorate for the holidays? As for me, I decorated for Halloween yesterday and as soon as Halloween is over, I will decorate for Christmas (with a little Thanksgiving involved). ...more

I'm hoping to do lots more this weekend, but I couldn't wait any longer and started decorating ... more

(Introduce Yourself!) Kudos to the working Mommies!

Hello everyone! My name is Kat, and I blog over at The Atomic Mom. I'm pretty new to the working mama circle, and just wanted to stop in to say hello, and introduce myself. I just started working full time last week, when I realized that I could no longer be a SAHM due to our budget. You cen read about that on my blog, but I won't get into it here.