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Kim Ficera is a northern California-based author, essayist, humorist and blogger, who has been writing about social, political and GLBT issues since 1997. She's authored one book of humorous essays, Sex, Lies and Stereotypes: An Unconventional Life Uncensored, and contributed to two others, Legacies and Reading the L Word.

Sex, Lies and Stereotypes was praised nationally by critics -- among them, Out, the nation's largest gay and lesbian magazine. In December of 2003, Out honored Kim for her literary debut in its annual Out 100 issue. She was featured as a “break-out” honoree and joined the ranks of best-selling authors Augusten Burroughs and Clive Barker, each recognized by Out in the past for embracing their identities and positively influencing the way society views the GLBT community.

In the summer of 2003, Kim's conversational style and honest delivery earned her praise at Viacom International's Food For Thought Series in New York City. And in the winter of 2004, she was featured on Public Radio International's OutRight Radio Series 2004, Telling the Extraordinary Stories of America's Gays and Lesbians.

From 2005-08, Kim wrote a popular column titled Don’t Quote Me for MTV Networks/Logo’s Don’t Quote Me analyzed the ways in which gay and lesbian characters and celebrities are portrayed in the media.

Today, when she's not working on her next book, a fictional prelude to the experiences she wrote about in Sex, Lies and Stereotypes, she's blogging at Pimp My Wry (