Will The Antichrist Be Gay? You Betcha, Says Wasilla Pastor

On Monday, The Frontiersman, the newspaper of Wasilla, Alaska — that place that gave us Sarah Palin — publi ...more

Notes On A Sandal: What Religious Prop 8 Supporters Are Saying After Tuesday's Decision

Because it's always interesting to witness the "hate the sin; love the sinner" crowd revel in their own waste with their conservative friends, I thought I'd post some responses to yesterday's California Supreme Court ruling to continue the ban on same-sex marriage in that state:  Continue Reading:  ...more

Lessons on Gay Equality From The Mouths of Babes

Last week, I wrote about nine-year-old Ethan McNamee...more

Redrum! Redrum! NOM's New Ad Uses Children To Scare Adults

On the heels of its ridiculous "Gathering Storm" video, the  ...more

Who Will Update Your Facebook Status When You're Dead?

If you're the only person who knows your top-secret and numerous login names and passwords, who will access your accounts after you die? What would happen to all the files you've stored on your iDisk? How will your Twitter friends know your new address — @deadnow? And — OH. MY. GOD. — who will update your Facebook status?   ...more

Sarah Palin — The Next Best-Selling 'Fauxthor'

So, Sarah Palin has landed a book deal with Harper Collins. She won't write her own memoir — she'll have help from a "collaborator," someone capable of writing readable paragraphs — but she's got a deal, nonetheless. And the moment the book is released next spring it will be a bestseller. ...more

Something Besides iFart Stinks At Apple

One of the latest iPhone applications to be rejected by Apple is Me So Holy, an 'offensive' app that allows a user to pull a picture from his camera roll and paste it into an outline of Jesus's face. But what criteria did Apple use when faced with the decision? Why would the company reject that app but accept an equally offensive app called iGirl?   ...more

An Open Letter To Oprah Winfrey On Sexual Bullying

Dear Oprah, Thank you for your show on sexual bullying yesterday. You helped to put a very serious issue under the national spotlight. I'm disappointed, however, that you didn't address that bullying is a learned behavior. ...more

I could relate because I was bullied in school. It is very devesating and something that should ...more

Abstinence: A Dead End At The End of Hoochie Lane

Bristol Palin was hired by the Candie's Foundation  "to educate America's youth about the devastating consequences of teenage pregnancy." But Bristol's co-worker, the face of Candie's fashion Britney Spears, practically has an ENTER HERE sign on her own penis garage.  Will we ever stop ignoring the facts at the expense of young girls?   ...more

A Supreme Ruling On Nipplegate!

Remember that Sunday five years ago, when you were watching the Superbowl and you got a nine-sixteenths-of-one-second look at one of Janet Jackson's breasts? Remember how sure you were that your children would be scarred for life as a result — maybe sprout nipples out of their eyeballs? ...   ...more