Copycat heels = Completely unique

I like to paint.  But it’s been a while since I’ve touched a brush.  Change is needed, my friend.  Good thing I’ve dedicated this Memorial Day Weekend to myself. … and U.S. men and women who died while in the military service. But mostly myself.  Pure selfishness at its best.  I’m aware of the fact that some family members may wonder what makes this weekend different than the rest… *No schedules.  No running late.  No text messages or emails.  Nada. ...more

Like your galoshes, Love your umbrella

We should start an umbrellution.  Pitch your bleak and broken, eye-threatening umbrellas and invest a lil’ love in a vibrant ‘brella with some tang. Transform the sidewalk into a crusty canvas. Brighten the canopy.  Play in puddles.  Prance around the park.  You get the idea. Sounds like bliss. How do we do it? Let the wise Spokes speak. ...more

Umbrella Etiquette: The Tilt

“The Tilt” a mating dance guided by umbrellas minus the copulation plus the fury of rain drops a rare form of beauty amid the chaos of bodies, of street noise avoid an eye pang all is clear- just tilt. Pardon my infantile poem, but on behalf of our favorite fourth month, I would like to join the celebration of National Poetry Month. ...more

Holy Highwaters!

I get the fact that cropped pants go in and out of style, but I don’t agree with it. Here’s a little inside information I bet you didn’t know from our friend, ...more

The High-Heel Challenge: Day 1

I had originally planned to wait until Monday to start this month-long disaster of a challenge. But as I dressed myself up for a friend’s birthday celebration, and I made my hair as big as possible, I decided that there was absolutely no reason to avoid my new best friend, the high-heel.  Big hair, Big heels, Big night. Right? ...more

The High-Heel Challenge

A woman can add 3-inch pumps to any outfit and instantly look bold and sexy. What is it about the heightened heel that changes everything? ...more