Baby's First Halloween Mustache

[Editor's Note: Babies + mustaches = cute overload! Create Studio has an adorable paci mustache tutorial that started as a party favor, but makes the perfect Halloween costume.  Please someone dress their kid as a mini Burt Reynolds and send me the pictures. -Jen] ...more
Hilarious! You can find a full tutorial on more

Knorr Four™ Recipe Contest

What a great product, thanks for the opportunity to participate in the contest!

Four Layer ... more

Knorr Four™ Recipe Contest

UPDATE 9/6: Meet the Knorr Four™ and enter to win a Knorr prize pack! ...more

Sarah from Create Studio 

Yummy Yummy ... more

Welcome to a Month of Ice Cream on BlogHer!

In July, summer settles in for the long haul. Hot days and warm nights beg for a sweet but cool treat, and that’s why we’re celebrating ice cream all month long. From rich and creamy custard-based ice cream to dairy-free options, we’ll bring you recipes and stories that are guaranteed to keep you blissfully chilled out. ...more

Sarah from Create Studio 

I just posted about ... more