I’m Erica Manney. My full-time day job is Marketing Manager for an education... read more



I’m Erica Manney. My full-time day job is Marketing Manager for an education company. I specialize in social media. The rest of the time I hang out with my dog Eva, my boyfriend Frank and a great group of talented, funny, nerdy friends.

I’ve always been the girl you go to when you aren’t sure what to do. How do you approach your co-worker to tell her that if she doesn’t lower her speakers you are going to poke out her eardrums. And what do you do if that co-worker is your boss’ daughter? I’ve helped out friends with countless situations from “what do you bring to you new boyfriend’s house for dinner” to “Do you brush your teeth before a dentist visit?” is essentially about doing the right thing. Whether the right thing is about how to handle a tricky situation with friends, or remembering to send a thank you card. It’s about etiquette.

But this isn’t your grandma’s guide to etiquette and manners – there’s no china pattern advice on this blog. It’s about all the stuff that you know you should be doing, or never thought you would be doing, and find yourself not knowing how to do it.

Sometimes I rant, and sometimes I share fun tips or ideas. And sometimes you write in with your own questions or suggestions – and then I answer them. And because my biggest pet peeve about online advice columns is that you can’t publicly disagree – I promise to allow all public disagreement (as long as that disagreement is polite, respectful and constructive. Barring that? It has to be really funny).