Are Bigger Bloggers Obligated to Help Smaller Bloggers?

I have this rather bad habit of playing devil's advocate for the sake of discussion. And I am going to stick on my Jezebel horns and do a little bit of that today. I had a post syndicated on BlogHer about jealousy and blogging that sparked some AMAZING response and discussion. It took an interesting turn when this comment popped up: ...more

So funny, this debate has been raging in the UK also.

And errr, no, we didn't know the ... more

10 things i hate about your blog

Yes indeed, the following are petty annoyances that bother me on other peoples' blogs. I guarantee you that at some point, you, yes you reading this right now, have done one of the following, either knowingly or unknowingly. I must get this off my chest. Please bear with me. ...more

I'll tell you what I love about that post: "For the love of criminy" - I'm writing ... more

From Play Dates to First Date

My son Jaden and his friend Ayanna have been friends with each other since they were 5 years old, and now they’re both 9. A few days ago, Jaden came home from school and told me that he caught Ayanna kissing another classmate.  All I could think to myself was, “Oh boy, here we go”. A 9 year old 4th grader kissing? What is the world coming to? ...more

My son is only 6 and is at the all girls are yucky phase and the thought of kissing one of ... more