And the 2011 Pantone Color of the Year Is...

I've always liked following the annual Pantone Color of the Year announcement. While it may sound a bit like some sort of hollow publicity-generating event, like the worst-dressed list or whether the groundhog saw his shadow, the truth is Pantone's declaration has great influence on fashion and design for the year....more

Can we go back to Aqua as the color of the year? I think that was more versatile.

Chicago ... more

What Your Urine Can Tell You About Your Health

Last night, I grilled up a huge pile of asparagus. No one else in my family likes the vegetable, and since it's one of my favorites, I ended up eating most of it. (There's a little left over, which I plan on throwing into an omelet tonight.) And this morning, when I visited the bathroom, I was reminded that I might have eaten a bit much. ...more

Chicago Girl

Blood or purple urine color can also be an indication of a rare disease ... more

The $100 Question: Tell Leah From A Girl And A Boy About Your First Ride

Welcome to The $100 Question, where fellow BlogHers are asking questions ... and every answer could be worth one hundred dollars! Let's meet today's host: Leah from A Girl and A Boy ...more

My first car was a 1988 ruby red Buick Regal coupe I bought in 1994. It had a burgundy leather ... more

Make A Delicious Change and Enter to Win a $1,000 Spa Gift Card from Crystal Light!

  Update 6/1/09: The sweepstakes has now ended. Thank you for your interest in this special offer. You can find the winner for this and other sweepstakes here.