NaBloPoMo January 2012 Writing Prompts

If you're participating in NaBloPoMo in January -- or even if you're not! -- here are some prompts to get you going. Writing prompts appear here nightly, Monday to Friday (weekends are for free-writing!) ...more
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25 Things That Make Me ME

I was in high school during the very height of the grunge era, the Gen X era, the era in which we felt it was trendy to avoid being trendy and in which the mere idea of “trendy” was rather offensive. We searched for ways to make ourselves individuals as much as possible within the throng of Doc Martins, thrift store flannels and Pearl Jam t-shirts....more

All I can say after reading this is Can we be friends??? You rule!

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Remembering Kurt Cobain: 17 Years Later

When I woke up this morning to the Internet telling me it was the 17th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death, the first thing I thought was how much he would have hated retrospectives. And Twitter trending? Forget about it.Then I figured that if he had to tolerate one, he'd pick an odd, random number like 17 to riff on, instead of of the usual 5 and 0-digit important anniversary years. ...more

I've needed to share this..
I began listening to Nirvana at age 11 (1991) when Bleach came out. ... more

Grey's Anatomy...The #*@$%^ Musical?!

Look.  I've been a pretty loyal Grey's Anatomy fan since the beginning.   And I'm the first to admit that it's not the show it was in those early days of Meredith and Derek rolling around on the living room floor.  But if Grey and Co. were still on the proper side of the shark pond?   I think it's maybe safe to say that they went ahead and took that epic leap. I'm saying in no uncertain terms here the show has jumped the shark. ...more

I think that every single song they sung was featured in major scenes in previous seasons. It ... more

Spoiler Alert! The Wakefield Twins Are Back in Sweet Valley Confidential

When it was announced that Francine Pascal was releasing an update to the Sweet Valley story, Sweet Valley Confidential, we squeed and started the countdown to release day. Just what are those twins up to in their twenties? The book release day has come -- I've read the it and I'm here with the scoop and the spoilers. It was fabulously horrible. Or maybe horribly fabulous. One can never be sure which when talking about Sweet Valley. ...more

I read this article this morning and hoped the summary would keep me from buying the book, but ... more

A Tribute to Tonight's Super Moon

Tonight the moon is at its closest point to Earth -- and also rises full, a coincidence that makes it the largest-looking moon since March of 1983 and gives it the title of super moon. Of course, I couldn't let today's Month of Breakfast post go by without a tribute recipe to this astronomical event. ...more

It was a bad moon indeed. It felt different outside.

Anyone who watched CNN all day would ... more

Earthquake Lessons: Get Emergency-Prepared

Editor's note: This week's earthquakes (and yes, I felt the babyquake in San Francisco Tuesday night), and the news about Hurricane Irene, made me stop and think about the state of my emergency kit. I was naughty and raided it several times for camping trips this summer. This weekend, I'm using the fabulous checklist SeattleMamaDoc made after the Japan quake and tsunami to restock and expand my kit. I recommend that you do, no matter where you live. -- Julie ...more

I specifically came online right now to compile the best of the preparedness kits so my husband ... more

Self Portrait

I spent an hour at work yesterday editing a photo of myself. It was taken at a local chamber of commerce gathering, an event where I had to get up in front of 550 business and community leaders and present an award....more

I know exactly what you are going through! The day of my wedding I felt beautiful, in fact I ... more

Half Beauty, Half Beast

I have a beauty confession to make. Or perhaps, I should say beastly confession to make. Everyone has a good side they like to pose in photos with. Now usually our “good side” is all in our minds and we look fabulous from any angle. In my case, that just is not true. I suffer from severe Linear Scleroderma. In a nutshell, collagen overproduction has attacked my healthy muscle tissues and replaced them, for better lack of a word, with scar tissue. ...more

I know it is the small things that our minds tend to magnify. I suppose the freakish curiosity ... more

Forget Verizon vs. AT&T: Why I Won't Get a Smartphone

My phone doesn't text or have Internet. It doesn't take pictures (I have a few other devices that take care of that pretty well!) or video. It doesn't have a touch screen. I don't even think it has any games on it. Know what else my phone doesn't have? A contract. A monthly bill. ...more

I am the exact opposite, I would rather have a phone that did text and web only. Ive always ... more