Arguing with the Two Moms

I fight with myself a lot. About the kids. First: "Let them climb the tree! Kids have been climbing trees for eons. Don't you remember reading books in the tree?" And then: "BUT THEY WILL FALL AND BREAK BONES AND ZOMG!" And back and forth. Forever. Apparently it's not just a me thing; it's a mom thing. Amy at Hearts into Home recently wrote about a time when she was faced with the two moms on her shoulder, arguing about what was best as she faced a decision for her child. ...more
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Parenting Moment: Feeling Caught Off-Guard

I was, and still am, feeling caught off-guard. Reeling. I am trying to understand how this could be. How, in this day and age, that my son, simply because he has Down syndrome, can be unwelcome into a daycare center. Why? Please help me understand why he is not allowed there. He could teach the other kids SO much! He could teach the teachers and the director SO much! He could share SO much of what he knows about life and learning and love. ...more

I'm so, so upset for you.
My son's special needs are different, but you know... still special. ... more