Pastel Holiday Ornament Cookies

Have fun making (and eating) some holiday cookies which double as ornaments for your tree. (twitter)...more

Baby Shower Cookies

Hosted by Marla Meridith @MarlaMeridith and Amanda @kevinandamanda, a group of food bloggers got together to surprise Jenny @pickypalate with a surprise Baby Shower!Feel free to head on over to visit their blogs to see all the amazing goodies! (list on page there)....more

Back to School Cupcakes

These flourless chocolate pistachio cupcakes are perfect on their own as a snack or, as a back to school theme, topped with vanilla buttercream and marzipan apples. (twitter)...more

Patriotic Cookie Wreath

Try making this star cookie wreath, a fun & tasty way to celebrate the 4th of July festivities!It's a matter of decorating star cookies of your choice...Dressing them up a little with some sanding sugar or disco dust......more

Wedding Cookie Cakes

Cookies or cakes?How about both?An adorable wedding favour inspired by Martha Stewart; DIY yes, but preferably DIWF (Do It With Family), as there are a lot of cookies to put together for this project. ...more

C is for Cookies

Cookie inspiration can come from anywhere... This platter from the Hallmark store inspired me to make these guys.  You don't need a special occasion or holiday to have fun decorating. Enjoy!xo,Marian ...more
I think this platter just made me hungry for cookies! Nom! Nom! Nom!more

Honeycomb Cookie

I've been wanting to try this for ages... Honeycomb made out of royal icing. Piping it onto a shortbread cookie took about an hour, so it's not something I'll do often, but it was fun to see the results.If you'd like to try making honeycomb cookies, edible sugar flowers or bees, visit me on Sweetopia. ...more

Easter Chick Cookies

Double up duty when it comes to your Easter celebration planning, and use some Easter shortbread cookies as pretty displays and/or gifts. These cookies decorated with royal icing can be presented in so many ways - the sky's the limit when it comes to ideas....more

Easy Easter Egg Cookies

Sweet and easy decorated cookies, these treats add an extra thrill to your usual Easter egg hunt.The nice thing about these is, is that they’re simple to make....more

Mini Easter Cookies

Create an edible Easter arrangement with these shortbread cookies decorated with royal icing.They're easy to make, fun for kids to decorate (and eat!), and can double as your Easter centerpiece. ...more
The cookies look too pretty to bite into :)more