33 year old Mama of 3 young daughters seeking adult conversation in any form I can get it.  I have traveled abraod, worked professionally, and have been a, mostly, settled home-stay Mom for just about 4 years now.  (And when I say home-stay, I mean it!  We only have one vehicle!)

I'm chubby, bubbly, trying to be: kind, loving, patient, and service oriented woman of many and varied interests, hobbies, and even a few talents.  I have an awesome Chef husband, which fact doesn't much help the chubby parts of me!   I am, as unpopular as it MAY be, a woman of deep Faith and striving to be ever more Spirit led.  I believe in Christ!  As a believer, I know that my greatest duty and obligation is to my family.  Yet, I also recognize that I am an individual with needs and I try very hard to balance my desire for intellectual stimulation and interaction with the more mundane every day demands of home-stay Moming and homeschooling.  It's difficult, this balancing act!!!

I love life, even when it feels not so good.  I'm grateful to BE here and hope to continue on to be VERY old, very gray, and full of deep and lovely wrinkles that tell the tales I may not venture to share.  Hopefully those wrinkles will be mostly made by smiles and openness.  Life is such a gift!