The Day My Neighbor Freaked Out On Me

We live across the street from a public elementary school. One day last summer we went over to play on the playground. There’s also a baseball field. It had just rained a lot, so the baseball field was a mess and full of fun worms and fun in general to be had. My kids were having a blast just messing around in the cinder and walking around in the puddles and getting their feet all nasty.Until …...more
Jennie Koczan Girl, if I could go back and do it over again I would probably take my own shoes ...more

People Who Don't Believe in God

Today Callie whispers to me, "My friend X says she doesn't think [our mutual friend] believes in God." And do you know what Catholic me said? "So what?" Then I asked her what she thought of this person. She said she is a very nice person. She's a good mom. I asked her if she remembered some of the times that Christians have been mean. Of course she remembers. ...more

Unprotected Sex and Old Girlfriends: A Rant

Yeah, that got your attention, didn't it? Let's dive right in. So I watched a season of this reality show called "VanderPump Rules". Remember we are not here to discuss the merits of reality TV and whether or not I should be polluting my brain with it. Remember again (redundant?) that I do not have any awesome vices anymore since I'm losing weight, so reality TV is it. Try and focus, people. ...more

Shoplifting Mom

The other night I was grocery shopping and have my HUGE purse/bag in the top of the cart, facing me, wide open. It did not occur to me that I might slip in a bag of Starbucks coffee or some gum or nail polish. ...more

Tackle-It Tuesday: My Weight

Okay, I understand that I'm not obese. Realistically I'm only about 42 pounds over what I weighed when I got married, what I weighed during most of my 20s. I understand that I've carried and delivered 5 children and that I homeschool and stay  home with them now, which adds stress and sometimes is my excuse for eating things I should not eat. I get that I have me a man and shouldn't care so much about my appearance. ...more

Do You Leave Your Kid(s) in the Car?

When I was a kid and too young to stay home alone, I would go along with my parents on errands. Sometimes I would stay in the car, either because it was just easier for my parents or because I preferred to sit in the car and read or listen to music. It never crossed my mind to attempt to drive away. It never crossed my mind that someone might get into the car, hotwire it and then drive us both away, resulting in a carjacking and a kidnapping all in one. ...more

Snooping: Yes or No?

I have a couple of snooping stories from my past, then I'd love for you to weigh in....more

Spied On, Then Kicked Out of Christian Homeschool Group

Betrayal. Deceit. Espionage. Secrets. Lies. Jealously. Controlling, passive-aggressive women. Manipulation. Creating a false identity to spy. DRAMA. Sounds like a great new soap opera, but instead those words describe a religious homeschool group....more
Wow. That's really just discouraging. Talk about bullying. I know not all Christian groups are ...more

Police Called on a Group of Moms for Lack of Socks at McDonald's

So I took 5 kids plus Jordan to McDonald’s PlayPlace so I could try to load Microsoft Office 2010 onto my sweet new laptop. Since I didn’t have Internet access at home, I had to go to the good ole Mickey D’s. Jordan and I dropped some serious cash on food to keep the kids happy and off they went to play. Soon a snotty little girl started telling Michael that he had to leave because he had no socks on. She was quoting her mom and pointing to the sign that said you had to wear socks to play in the PlayPlace. I didn’t think much about it since half the kids in there had no socks on....more
You're "that mom" eh.more

Why Do Public Schools Need So Much Money?

Sorry in advance to my friends with kids in public school, but I have a curiosity itch and I gotta scratch it.So tonight as I'm cutting my umpteenth Boxtop for Education off of FOOD that I am consuming, I start wondering something.Why do public schools need so much money?...more
You know you can ask to see the annual report, right?   As an example why our school does ...more