Whore in a Drawer Versus Elf on a Shelf

I know this is horrible and Mr. Kerrie is going to either pee his pants laughing like I did or give me that stern look that says I have gone too far, but I found this and had to share because I love a good laugh and bet you do as well! Furthermore, this is my sense of humor so this blog might not be your speed if you don't get a giggle out of this one....more

33 Things to Do Indoors with Kids in #KansasCity

Posted this on Facebook and got a great response so it needed to be in a permanent spot:Okay, so my visions of snuggling up by a fire and homeschooling every day this winter have been blown to bits by the fact that my kids are getting older and bounce off the walls when stuck inside on freezing days. So here are some indoor ideas I have come up with so far ... some are free and some are so expensive they should not even be on the list, but I would love your input for KC area things to do indoors with kids ranging from 5-13 (including field trips)!Don't send me money and don't kiss my feet when you see me out and about, okay? ...more

#Halloween Week Craziness ... October Insanity, #WorldSeries #Royals

This post is kinda for my parents and Mr. Kerrie's parents so they can see all the cool stuff we have been doing with the grandkids lately. Somehow into all this crazy I am also fitting the Leavenworth Virtual Schooling and it's still working out really great for us! ...more

Anavita Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Cream #HolidayGiftGuide2014

I have the opportunity to review Anavita Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Cream and am super excited about it! Here is some information about it while I wait for my actual product to try so you can read up on it and purchase it if it sounds like something you would love. I'll be back in about a month to write my review! ...more

Practicing What I Preach: #Writing for Regional Parenting Magazines!

Here is a link to Pittsburgh Parent Magazine and TWO articles I have in there this month (Halloween Traditions and Pumpkin Decorating)! Guess how much I got for both of these reprints? $75! ...more

Children's Halloween costume ideas inspired by books

Trips to the school library are full of endless possibility, seemingly so are trips to various costume stores, thrift shops and online shops in the hope of finding that perfect child Halloween costume. Let your imagination get to work, and check out some of our tips for the best child Halloween costumes based on books: The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood An iconic story of boyhood, friendship and adventure, Robin Hood is still so popular in children’s literature it’s hard to believe it was written over 130 years ago. Today’s Robin Hood might just be a little more badass though ....more

Work Edition Wrap-Up Posts

Welcome to the Work edition of the Bubblews wrap-up posts! Let's dive right in!Some great things about working from home I am on fire in the mornings. Are you? ...more

Homeschool Wrap-Up Posts #Calvert #VirtualSchool #HomeschoolCraziness

I know most of you are not here to read about my homeschooling journey. Most of that fun can be found over at Homeschooling Mommybot. But sometimes I like to share here so you know what is currently kicking my butt or making us happy or whatever the case may be ....more

My Jamberry Promotion!!!

I joined Jamberry nail wraps at the very end of March of this year and have slowly been moving up the ranks. I was concentrating mostly on selling the wraps because I love them so much. Building a team never crossed my mind ....more