Gadgets and Gears lead to special needs for this Midlife Woman!

Yesterday I sat down and wrote my blog.  It was brilliant, if I do say so myself, and since I am the only one who will probably ever read this I better acknowledge that brilliance!  Ha, how is that for humility.  Joking aside.  I poured my guts out in that post, went to re-read it before I posted it and poof it was gone.  So now I have this wonderful title for my post and nothing to back it up. Prior to that I also decided I should read the help tag "Take a tour".  Knowing my severe lack of computer knowledge and wanting to get thi...more

What do Re-Careering; The Pioneer Woman and Body Image have in common?

Nothing but those were the things that caught my eye in the list of possible tags.  Actually, that isn't true.  I am obsessed with the Pioneer Woman; I am sitting here looking at some doughnuts she made on her show (it is one of those ad thingies off to the side), they are tormenting me as I love, love, love cake doughnuts which leads us to body image.  And I have quite an image of my body.  It is hot here today, very unusual for us here in Seattle so the possibility of showing off more of my 55 year old body, (oh wait - the 10lb, 1 oz perpertrator who helped shape my bo...more