Are You Missing the Funny Because You're Too Busy Judging?

As any parent raising babies, toddlers and preschoolers knows, safety requirements and doctor recommendations are constantly changing. What babies can and can't eat has evolved over time. Whether young kids should or should not watch TV is constantly being revised. Child-proofing your house has become an industry.Becoming a parent, I hadn't realized there were so many innocuous ways your child could be hurt and die and you would become an unknowing and unwilling participant. Baby swings, high chairs, cribs, toys, walkers, and even clothes can become hazardous when set within inches of a baby....more
I can totally relate as a child growing up in the 70's and 80's. It's frightening the walls we ... more

Things I Invent at My Day Job, Like Spankles

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Things I Invent at My Day Job, Like Spankles

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"Defriending" on Facebook

So, I defriended someone today on facebook. I don't normally do this, because I always feel like they are going to know and it's going to be awkward when we run into each other. But you know what? When you run into someone who is a facebook friend, and it IS awkward because they don't even say hello, then off the list they go!But I wish that there was some sort of drop down menu to select from when you defriend someone. If there were, I would like to add these as the optionsA. You are just too weird...more
Is it defriending or unfriending? Some of my friends call it walking the plank. more

The Art of Saying No (to More Than Just My Kids)

The economy has touched so many people's lives. Many families have been forced to make hard decisions. Many moms have gone back to work to help out. In our school, volunteer positions are not getting filled. My life is full of many blessings, one of which is working from home. My husband shoulders the responsibility of our financial well being. Although I'm constantly busy, I feel guilty. Guilty that I don't have to juggle a full time job and children. That guilt propels me to say Yes, to try and make up for all the missing volunteers at school and to ease my own guilt for being luckier than others....more
Good thinking. I think I'm far more accommodating to people I barely know. A hazard of growing ... more

Things I Invent at My Day Job, Like Spankles

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4 Steps to Identifying Your True Calling

In my work as an executive coach, clients often ask me about their careers. "What is my next step?" many whisper sheepishly, "and what if it's not what I'm currently doing or where I work now?" We've all heard the trite advice, "Do what makes you happy! Follow your passion!" But how are you supposed to do that? I've observed two prominent career paths that people take trying to figure out how to follow their passion: the path of flattery and the path of loyalty....more
15 years ago I wrote down that I wanted to become a writer. Now I am a copywriter, so I write ... more

Why Marilyn Monroe's Size Still Matters

A recent Slate article by Simon Doonan on Marilyn Monroe, "Marilyn Monroe’s Two Secrets," aroused the ire of many readers for its hidden title, "Was Marilyn Monroe Fat?" Doonan claimed to know the answer (No) because he was on hand (as an employee of Christie's auction house) to view some of her last possessions, including c...more
Epiphany. I just realized how Marilyn could be a size 12. It's like when you go to try on ... more

I'm So Tough I'm Like That Guy in Silverado

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Plethora of Pajamas in Public Places

A Louisiana parish, according to AP reports, is considering a ban on wearing pajamas in public.A parish commissioner, while visiting Walmart, saw young men in p.j.s, and apparently got a peek at some private parts one would associate more with Chippendales than with Walmart’s chips and salsa aisle.Starved for news on the lighter side, this story attracted my rapt attention and at least ten minutes of deep introspection....more
Pajama Jeans are would be classy. But pajamas no. Of course my pajamas are in an appalling ... more