We're Reading What You're Writing About BlogHer '12

It may not come as a shock to you, but bloggers love to write. So when you gather a bunch of bloggers together for a big conference, they're going to write about their experiences. (I know, duh, right?) Our BlogHer '12 attendees have been writing up a storm since they got home from the conference, sharing their highs and lows, their great pics and their "I think that looks like Sparklecorn because of all the glowsticks" iPhone shots. We've been reading along, laughing and crying, making notes for next year and years to come. We've been hearing you, BlogHer '12 attendees. And we want others to hear you too....more

Is Blogging Making You Fat, Tired, Anxious and Sleepless at Night? The Importance of Personal Wellness and Well-Being as Bloggers

Conference:  BlogHer '11 Track:  Skills 3: The Business of You About You Name:  Angelica Perez-Litwin, PhD URL:  http://www.NewLatina.net Is blogging making you fat, tired, anxious and sleepless at night?  You are not alone!  Many new and veteran bloggers find themselves feeling drained, overwhelmed and over-extended by the numerous activities necessary to maintain a successful blog.  Ironically, this is a conversation that is often shoved under the rug in the blogging world.  No one wants to admit that, as magical as blogging can be, it can also impact our health, well-being, time-management and other home/work responsibilities....more

I'd love to attend to this session.
I need some consejos.

Spanish blog for trendy latina ... more

Pre-BlogHer '10 Meet-up in Dallas, TX

  Howdy y'all: Join us for pastries, iced tea and chat. You're invited to the meet-up whether or not you plan to go to the conference in NY.  It's not a hosted party...is an opportunity to meet locally,  talk about our blogs and have a good time in our beautiful city. Date: Saturday, July 24th 2010 Time: 4-6pm Location: La Duni Latin Cafe

I Made a Personalized Agenda for BlogHer '10 and So Can You!

     Today I set out to make out my schedule for the BlogHer '10 Conference.  With so much going on at the conference and with my being a conference newb, it was a must that I have a schedule laid out for me.  Yes, you will see me carrying this schedule at the conference.  Yes, you will see me with a highlighter marking off the session I just left.  I'm just like that. ...more

I made an online agenda using Plancast http://plancast.com/mamacontemporanea

Spanish ... more

I'm new to this group

I'm new to this group and wanted to introduce myself.  Looking forward to getting to know some other bloggers in the area.  Go To Ruthie's Renewed Treasures at www.decrenew.blogspot.com   Ruthie's Renewed Treasures  www.decrenew.blogspot.com

Do Tell: Share Why You Love (or Love to Hate) "Sex and the City" to Win a Pair of Jimmy Choos!

Sex and the City: 2 premieres this week, and I will go see it. Image courtesy New Line Cinema Sure, sure: As a writer, I could never get past the insanity of a weekly sex columnist affording coffee, much less couture, in Manhattan. I'm not a huge fan of cosmos. And as someone married to a furniture designer, I am firmly #teamaidan. ...more

I love SATC, the fashion, Mr Big, cosmos an NY. Is like a fantasy in a world of luxury. I like ... more

BlogHer '10 Ticket Swap

Do you have a BlogHer '10 ticket that you can't use? Find someone to buy it from you here. Or if you need a ticket, say so - maybe someone can sell you one!

BlogHer '10 Ticket Swap

Do you have a BlogHer '10 ticket that you can't use? Find someone to buy it from you here. Or if you need a ticket, say so - maybe someone can sell you one!

Latinas in Social Media: Are we out there? Let's start the conversación!

Track:  change-agents Latinas are one of the fastest growing segment of bloggers. In this session, you can understand who we are, why we blog, where we are coming from and where we're going....more

Latina bloggers need to be heard.... Please select them for ... more

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