A Letter of Expectations to My Future Daughter-In-Law

I understand this is humorous to you and to some but as a mom of four girls I think I might tell ... more

My Husband Isn't the Type of Father I Thought He Would Be

I woke up to the sound of someone calling my name. "Brittany, wake up. Wake up, the baby is crying." I blink my eyes, and glance at the clock. It is 2:00am. My husband stands over me and nudging my arm. The words suddenly resonate, as I hear the cries of our toddler in her room down the hall. I drag my body from bed and go to take care of her. Just Like I always do. Just like I have always done. ...more
I think your situation is pretty common. As a lactation consultant I recommend giving dad (or ... more

Is One Child Enough? Thoughts on Pregnancy After a Traumatic Birth

Most days, when I look into Jax's bright blue eyes, I feel like our family is complete. Some days, when I watch him gaze out the window searching for new friends, I'm sad that he doesn't have a little brother or sister to keep him company. Jax is thinking: But I want to go sledding with a sibling, not my mom and dad! ...more
What I am hearing you say is that you really do want another child and that the docs think you ... more

The Day A Middle School Boy Asked My Daughter About Her Boobs

Two weeks ago, my daughter dropped the iPhone that her Daddy bought her for Christmas three years ago. The screen shattered, despite the hard case it was in, and with it being three years old, it just made more sense to get her a new one (from his point of view, anyway).So off they went to the store, which was packed. Instead of waiting for someone in the store to transfer everything over for her, Dad took it home and did it all himself. The only problem is when he set up her original phone, he created an email address for her, and used that to tie to iMessage and outgoing mail....more
Bravo to your daughter! I think you reacted wonderfully as well. more

Better, More Accurate Words to Use About Girls and Women (Instead of "Bossy")

I was called "bossy" as a girl. So were Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Girl Scouts leader Ana Maria Chavez, and BlogHer editor-in-chief Stacy Morrison, and many other girls who grew up to be leaders. ...more
The word ban is being used more to draw an illustration, not to take it from the dictionary and ... more

Surviving Snow Days: Have a Plan at the Ready

When I was a kid, snow days were awesome. I loved going to school, but there was nothing like the occasional unscheduled day off. It was like opening a present. I try to remember that every time my email pings at nine o'clock in the evening. ...more
My kids are ready for school! We have been out for weeks now. Today I had them do optional ... more

You Can Decline Services: What I Wish I Knew About Hospital Bills Before I Gave Birth

Hello All, Happy two days until Christmas. This year will be yet another year of giving homemade presents because I am BROKE! I am still paying off the $10K I racked up in hospital bills last July when I gave birth to my beautiful little boy on July 7th. ...more
I work on an OB floor and we do not itemize so this list wouldn't help. I suppose you could ... more

Why Can't A Mom Enjoy Elf On The Shelf At Christmas?

Warning. A "cranky, I've had it rant" follows. Hang with me, okay? Well here we are, barely into the month of December and already I've seen more bitterness about what some moms do over others in terms of the Christmas season. I've already read an ugly handful of articles that mock moms just like me, with dozens of people patting them on the back. And you know what? I'm already sick of it. ...more
I don't elf. My kids have asked for it,but the youngest is 8 and the oldest is 14. I feel the ... more

Does My Child Have to Be Better Because She's Black?

I've had teachers say it to me. Lots of my mentors said it. Once, a supervisor at work mentioned it. I've overheard folks telling their own children, educators telling other people's kids, and I'm sure that I've even said it a time or two in my years of teaching. ...more
What a great post. As a white mom of two black daughters, I struggle with encouraging them to ... more

Unacceptable! Kids Should Never Play in the Street!

I can't believe I even have to talk about this! Growing up, I lived on a dirt road just at the dead end. The road itself had very little traffic and given our location on the road, so it was nothing for us to play in the dirt at the end. Sure, we rode our bikes over to the few neighbors' houses down the street and kind of ran amok, but I think it was general knowledge not to play in the streets in town. ...more
I wish I saw kids playing in the streets, in yards ... Somewhere. Kids don't play much around ... more