Working Moms Don't Choose for Their Babies to Die

She was so happy to be a mother, finally. She is one of those women that just is a mother. Even before she had children, she was a mother. Her baby died. At school, during naptime. She just fell asleep and never woke up. And my heart aches for her, for the owners of the preschool, for the teachers that were in the room with her. But the anger that I feel about the unfairness of this situation (for everyone involved), is less than what I am feeling for the unrelenting, hate mongers who commented on the news story: Women that choose to work, are choosing this for their children....more
Amen. She certainly doesn't need that sorrow on top of everything else she's dealing with. The ... more

Conference Corner: Tips for BlogHer First-Time Attendees (Newbies)

With two weeks left until BlogHer Food in Seattle and just ten short weeks *gasp* until BlogHer '12 in New York, the pre-conference jitters are starting to set in across the internet. Whether it's your first BlogHer Event this year or your eighth, we are all united by one thing... we all, always, feel like a #BlogHer12Newbie....more
I've been to two BlogHers now ( and am now hemming and hawing about  a third), but there is one ... more

Be The Opposite of You

In Laura Dave's The First Husband the main character, Annie, is advised to be her opposite. She's coming off a break-up and she is inclined to wallow -- something I completely identify with, I must admit. When her friend advised her to do the opposite of what she wanted to do -- to be her opposite, I was intrigued. What would that be like?...more
My opposite would know how to chill out, and wouldn't get stressed in a crowd. But...I kinda ... more

Can I Be a "One and Done" Mom? Should I Be?

The decision to have kids -- and how many -- is a running theme we see in many posts from moms. It's such hard one: zero or one or two or three or four or more? When? And how? And on and on. Amber at Amber Page Writes wrote through some of her thoughts and feelings on the subject recently as they contemplate being "one and done." ...more
I don't think there's ever an easy answer. For me, it's a matter of financial practicality more ... more

I Broke All of the Breastfeeding "Rules"

I read a lot of information on the internet before E was born on what can lead to successful breastfeeding, good latching techniques, when to introduce a bottle, how pacifiers are the devil, etc. I also “broke” every last one of the recommended “rules.”...more
I tried and I tried and I tried to breastfeed. But in the end I admitted defeat, and slowly ... more

The Pros and Cons: Can We Even Afford a Second Child?

There are so many “pros” to having a second child. But then there are the “cons,” of course. And these days, with the economy being so horrible and showing few signs of improvement, the “cons” seem to sometimes speak louder than the “pros.” I mean, seriously, let’s put aside the conversation about the emotional and physical energy required in raising two children. Can we really AFFORD to have a second child?...more
We're struggling with the same issue, so I don't have any clear answers. Emotionally, I'd love ... more

Entryways and Foyers

That's my "foyer" (the first image below & there is usually a runner but it's being cleaned right now). I honestly don't know what the builder was thinking when they designed it. The door almost hits the stairs when open. When guests come in, they have to walk through the dining room, even though logically they should go to the left, to the foot of the stairs and entry to the kitchen. But the door is hung backwards, and when open, you can't get by it to the left! ...more

I have no real front door opens straight into the living room. These are gorgeous. ... more

The Stuff You Don't Know When You Ask: "So When Are You Having Another Baby?"

I knew it would happen when we got married. People would begin asking about and expecting us to want/have/produce another child. Over at my personal blog, I've made it pretty clear that parenthood suits me. I love my daughter and enjoy watching her learn and grow more than I ever imagined. That doesn't necessarily mean that I'm dying to have another baby any time soon, or possibly even ever....more

I can't decide whether or not to have another one, either. Like you, I really didn't like being ... more

Freelancers: Why You're Probably Charging Too Little

Three years ago, when I left my job to freelance full time, I had a hard time shifting my mental math from salary to an hourly rate. When a client agreed to pay $30/hour for my copywriting services, I was over the moon, thinking it was an outrageously extravagant sum. After all, $30/hour x 40 hours in a week x 52 weeks in a year = $62,400, which was way more than the salary I'd just left. (I'm sure some of you are already laughing at that equation, because you know where I'm going with this.) ...more

I've just started landing some major freelance clients, and I thought I was charging far too ... more

Clothes Are Not for Hiding Flaws: Style and Self-Expression With Erin Loechner

The thing I love about clothing, you see, is how a necessity -- items which, let's face it, are really just supposed to keep the weather out -- has involved into a form of self-expression. ...more

I just recently made the decision to stop worrying about what other people think and wear what I ... more