Amber Zuckswert

Hey Everyone!Typing these bios always gets me. I'm constantly growing and... read more

Amber Zuckswert


Hey Everyone!

Typing these bios always gets me. I'm constantly growing and evolving and hate to define myself by what I do...but I love what I do so I guess knowing what I consider work shows you who I am. In a nutshell I am a professional modern dancer, pilates instructor, and health blogger. Originally from Santa Cruz CA and having spent the last 4 years dancing my heart out in San Francisco, i am currently taking my life mobile. My health/fitness/wellness blog is my pride and joy outside the dance or pilates studio, so i hope you get a chance to check it out. As of right now I am off to live and work in Melbourne and from there the sky's the limit. i look forward to chatting with anyone and everyone. Life is amazing...just trying to take it all in!

much peace and love!!