Top 10 Things I Learned at Last Year's BlogHer Conference

10. For several days following the conference you will amble around BlogHerized. Definition: The mind-boggling state of sorting through the Who, Where, Why and When of What you experienced at the conference. ...more
Your best line was at the end... "And if you can give someone an “aha” moment, get them to ... more

What Sort of Person Attends a Blogging Conference?

I watched via the internet (especially Twitter!) as the bloggers I was getting to know attended the conference again in 2011 (San Diego), 2012 (New York), and 2013 (Chicago). Each year I found a good excuse not to go. San Diego was the closest the conference got, but a blogging conference just wasn't for me. It's for people who make their blog into a business -- people who do reviews and are brand ambassadors and have tens of thousands of pageviews every month. It's for the bloggers who get hundreds of comments on every post.  Right? ...more
You'll be really glad you went!  I've only been to 2010 as a vendor, but I can't wait, ... more

4 Tips on How To Get the Most out of BlogHer '14

I’ve written about BlogHer before—many times, actually. This year will mark my 3rd BlogHer conference in a row… so I feel like I pretty much have a good grasp on it by now. ...more
So excited that BlogHer is coming to my town.  Last time I attended [NYC], I was a vendor.  This ... more

I Don't Know How to Play with My Toddler

"Mommy, do you want to play ninjas?" No. "How about super heroes?" Again? Can't we... not? Do you ever feel that way? Story Girl at Sometimes It's Hard shares her misgivings about play and what she thought it would be like to have and play with a child. Do you struggle with these concepts?...more
Honestly this is why I work.   The times I get with my little guy are so special, but I fall ... more

On Motherhood and Losing Yourself

Losing a piece of yourself seems to be part of becoming a mother, almost like a rite of passage. The problem is, following a rite of passage people often expect you to be wiser and acknowledge your readiness for your new role. You’re given access to knowledge or tools you didn’t have before....more
I applaud you for writing the truth. I stopped blogging during those first couple of months ... more