Top 10 Best Halloween Books for Kids

I love October -- not only for the fall festivals, the recipes, and the decorating possibilities, but also for the great reading opportunities the month inspires! As soon as October rolls around, I pull out all of our Halloween favorites from the bookshelves and try to read one Halloween-themed book to the kids each night before bed. We've collected some great ones over the years and I've also reserved a bunch of new Halloween books from the library to fill in the gaps. Below are ten of our all-time favorites so far....more
Thanks, I am about to start tutoring 1st and 2nd graders and I loved a couple of these for them.more

What Indra Nooyi's Daughter Taught Me At BlogHer '11

Yep, I thought to myself. I can do it all. I can be a good wife and mom, keep the house clean and have my dream career. I am woman. HEAR ME ROAR. And then my seven-year-old daughter said something the other night that shot all my smug thoughts straight to hell. “This summer has been really hard on me,” she said quietly as I tucked her into bed. “I think summer is my least favorite time of year.” “What do you mean it’s been hard on you?” I asked her. “You’ve had a great summer!” “It’s hard for me because I don’t get to see you as often as I do the rest of the year,” she said. My face fell....more
Really love it...We should never carry the guilt factor in us...its one life to follow the ...more

Will the Virtual World Destroy Our Real One?

One night not that long ago, I left the husband and kids behind for a rare girls' night out at a fancy restaurant. Over glasses of wine, we gossiped and laughed and confided salacious secrets to one other about our husbands and mothers-in-law. But at some point after the salads were served and before our empty plates were spirited away by a waiter, there was an inevitable lull in the conversation. And that's when it happened. ...more

I hear you on the iPhone - I want one so bad but I have seen what it does to my friends - it's a ...more


"I got in a fight with a girl today," my five-year-old daughter announced after her first morning of day camp. "Really?" I said, surprised. "What was it about?" "Well, she said everyone had to listen to her and do what she said. But I said they didn't. And she was mad." "Oh," I said, secretly pleased. "Well, did you two not get along after that?" "Oh no," she said. "We got out of the fight later and played." ...more

You are right, Lindsay, when you say that this is only going to get worse as kids get ...more

Summer's Here- Time to Travel with the Fam!

We've got a brief family vacation coming up next week and I have a little secret for you... I'm not looking forward to it. We'll be headed to an amusement park in Santa Claus, Indiana and staying in a hotel room that's actually an RV. In an RV park. Yes, in Santa Claus, they have RV hotel rooms. Because that is how they roll. Honestly, this sort of thing is so crazy, it would generally be right up my alley. Add a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old to the mix, though, and it's so not up my alley. In fact, it's basically a nightmare. ...more

Don't forget to fill us in with the details when you get back! I actually enjoy ...more

This Week's Backtalk: Summer Travel!

Summer is right around the corner and that means many blogging moms are gearing up for a vacation or two with the family. ...more

but like everything, things are a bit different once you have kids, and that goes for ...more

Blogging About Teens

If you have teenagers, you know that blogging about them can be all but impossible.  ...more
Not you. I should have said "us"- or maybe just "me." I was referring to the heartwarming ...more

Next Week on Backtalk, AND One Last Call for Submissions

Not all that long ago, I wrote what I thought was a poignant, sensitively-written blog post about my teenage stepdaughters. They had gotten in trouble, but not much trouble. They had acted up, but in a way that would make nearly every mom out there chuckle, shake her head, and remember her own days of teen mischief. I wrote about the incident because I thought my girls wouldn't mind. I thought they'd see it the same way I did, as a learning experience with which everyone could identify. They didn't. ...more

I got the OK from my daughter fot this to be a regular feature, so you'll be seeing more of this ...more

We Want to Hear From You on Upcoming Backtalks!

From the reaction I've gotten to the "Body Image" Backtalk it's a topic that's on everyone's mind. Whether you're trying to lose weight, trying to gain weight, or trying to love yourself just the way you are, it is a constant struggle for all of us to look at ourselves in the mirror and not begin mentally tearing ourselves apart. I know because I do it every single time I get ready. ...more

I have yet to do a video blog, but I'll give it a try. Need to grab a tripod for my Flip... ...more

This Week's Backtalk: Body Issues

This week's Backtalk covers a subject almost all of us have blogged about more than a few times:  Body image. ...more

You want to know how crazy the whole body image thing is with us mommies? I actually had a ...more