Fiona Crosbie

Hello fellow blogHers. I am completely new to this; a blogging novice... read more

Fiona Crosbie


Hello fellow blogHers. I am completely new to this; a blogging novice you might say. I am a 46 year old mother of two daughters Lily, 12 and Phoebe, 8. We live in a small, terraced house in Portobello, a seaside community to the East of Edinburgh in Scotland. We’ve been here for 13 years. It’s a fantastic location and I can’t think of anywhere I would like to live more.

I’m married to Malcolm, a musician. Malcolm plays in a band called Shooglenifty. I usually follow that up with ‘you won’t have heard of them, but some of you out there may just have danced your socks off to Shooglenifty , perhaps at Vancouver Folk Festival, or Melbourne Folk Festival, or in Sarawak in Borneo, or at a Womad event in some exotic location. The band is much better known outside the UK than at home, and they lay claim to the first, and perhaps the only stage invasion in Sydney Opera House. Well they didn’t leave enough room at the front of the auditorium for dancing....

I trained as a Fashion Designer and worked in Industry before getting involved in Design education. I spent some years working as a college lecturer before leaving my job almost five years ago, to set up in business with three friends and colleagues.  As many of you entrepreneurs out there will know, setting up a business from scratch is pretty tough. We have had our share of exhilarating highs and terrifying lows. However, our fledgling company, the Interactive Design Institute, is just beginning to take off, and it’s getting pretty exciting....

We have students from 37 countries worldwide and are working with partner institutions in Russia, China, Hungary, Dubai and Iran. Our ultimate aim is to establish a global design community.  We offer the first UK Design Degrees online, through a partnership with the University of Hertfordshire. Subjects include Interior and Spatial Design and Graphic Design and Illustration. We also offer an online pre-Masters and MA in Design.  We plan to expand our portfolio of courses and the next scheduled development is a Multimedia Degree. Watch this space:

The things that are important to me are family; my girls, my niece, Malc’s parents and my brother and 2 sisters. Friends are also very important and I’m lucky enough to have some true, true friends. Health is right up there on the list. Good health is something I never take for granted. Work is important and sometimes I have to remind myself just where it comes in the list. It consumes a lot of my time, energy and thought process and I have to put a lot of effort into not letting it consume me completely.