Nie Asks: What Are Your Saturdays Like?

What are your Saturdays like? Mr. Nielson makes whole wheat waffles with fruit and brings them to me in bed. I really want to know, so tell me in the comments -- I enjoy reading your input! ...more
We sleep in (no kiddos yet), then we go to a local diner for brunch and our weekly budget ... more

Nie Asks: What's Winter Looking Like in Your Neck of the Woods?

How is winter looking in your neck of the woods? I've got snow, and Nic and Ollie enjoy a little sledding in our backyard.I want to know what winter scenes you're seeing! Tell me all about it. ...more
We are still waiting for winter to truly arrive here in Ohio. Today is 50 degrees and sunny. ... more

Nie Asks: What Do You Think of the World of Politics?

Election 2012 season is in full swing. What do you think about the political world buzzing around us? I want to know! ...more
Honestly, Gingrich frightens me. He is so out of touch with not only America but his own life. ... more

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