Healthy Dinners for $5 or less

Is it really cheaper to eat "from scratch" dinners?  Isn't it easier to buy a box of processed foods?  Isn't it faster to just warm something up a frozen dinner in the microwave? I'm setting out to prove that it's not only CHEAPER, but HEALTHIER to cook wholesome dinners "from scratch".  Come on by and check out how I'm doing it!   ...more

Buying Proteins - Video Tutorial at $5 Dinners

A new video tutorial has been posted on $5 Dinners! Erin at $5 Dinners shares how she finds cheap protein sources at the grocery store!  To see the video and get some great money saving tips, check out ...more

$5 Dinner Mom Says Hi!

Hey everyone! ...more

Need to Make Dinner for $5 or less???

In my home, I have been working hard on keep our family of four within our stated grocery budget.  I have become an excellent grocery shopper by using coupons, as well as taking advantage of sales and rebates.  However, there is little help out there for translating your grocery store savings into healthy and frugal meals.  I am here to help with that! ...more