2010 Gift Guide: 8 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Those Who Blog

The holidays are a great time for stereotyping. Every year by mid-November, we’re inundated with gift ideas for that special -- albeit cookie-cutter -- someone. Bloggers, of course, are treated no differently. We thought it was high time people got creative, so we made our own blogger gift guide. ...more

My favorite (and one which I can totally relate to) is the Personal Stenographer... it's so true ...more

Pop Culture Teachers: Who Makes The Grade?

This week Gwyneth Paltrow joins the cast of Glee as a substitute who takes over for a sick Mr. Schue (let the naughty nurse fantasies commence!). It got us thinking -- there may never be another fictional faculty as gorgeous and funny as McKinley High’s, but there are myriad (you’re welcome, Westerburg High English department) pop culture profs who paved the way for Sue, Schue, Bieste, and Figgins. Here, we grade the most memorable pre-Glee educators from TV and film. ...more

I love this list!

Some additions from my own childhood, Mr. Dixon from "Room 222." It was ...more

So Long, Suckers: "It Creature" Zombies Leave Vampires in the Lurch

Ever since the publication of a certain 2005 novel in which a sparkly centarian disguised as a teen heartthrob seduced a dead-eyed transfer student in a tree (hint for those living underground, or in exile -- it rhymes with “Schmilight”), vampires have ruled the pop culture landscape, spawning TV shows, indie-rock bands, and some very creepy Etsy products. But if recent media trends are any indication, there’s a new It Creature swaying stiffly into town. ...more

Not a fan. At all. But I am a complete scaredy cat, so that's ...more

Who's The Best Ball-Busting Ad Exec: Don Draper or Amanda Woodward? Play My TV Smackdown

I could not tell you why, but I recently became obsessed with the idea of a cage match between Blossom Russo and Clarissa Darling. I cannot remember a single thing about calculus -- which I studied for four months during my freshman year of college -- and would be hard-pressed to correctly state my grandmother’s birthday, yet my brain is able not only to name two television characters from long-gone '90s sitcoms but also finds the space to store their respective physical and mental strengths in order to handicap the outcome of an imaginary fight. It’s incredible that I haven’t yet wiped out my basic motor skills in order to memorize more Bel Biv Devoe lyrics, or stopped my heartbeat by stocking my brain stem with potential band names based on my 6th grade stationery preferences (Lisa Frank and the Trapperkeepers, anyone?) ...more

For most gimmicky never-seen character, how could you leave out Charlie of Charlie's Angels?!more

Go Fug Myself: A Birthday Tradition

This is the promised Go Fug Myself post, a birthday tradition as of 2007. This year I decided to take pity on L'il Una and focus on the growned-up version. Well, for the most part. ...more

Happy birthday to you! Thanks for the laugh (s) --I'm a huge fan of your Project Runway recaps ...more