What I Learned About Nutrition From My Pregnancies

BlogHer has compiled an expert crib sheet of nutrition pregnancy tips to save you some of the headache and heartache (and stomachache and foot-ache and everything-else-ache) I had to go through while pregnant. ...more

Life After An Eating Disorder: No, You Can't Have A Bite!

This wasn't the only time I had gotten territorial about my food. This weird instinct has been one of the harder aspects of my disordered eating to kick. It's only been in the last year or so that I haven't felt that hot flush of anger and fear whenever anyone tried to eat my food or offered to split a dish with me at a restaurant. This is a story of how I modified my behavior. ...more
I get this completely. I suffered from bulimia, and I remember once wrestling my ( very large ) ...more

Research the Flat Abs Myth: Women Are Supposed to be Fat

"Get ripped in the new year!" "Have the lean body of your dreams!" "Six-pack abs in 6 weeks!" "Burn fat up to 400 times faster!" Thanks to the advent of Resolution-Making Season (also known as the fitness industry's Santa) and an e-mail address that seems to be on every marketer's PR list, I've been getting a slew of "get shredded" pitches every day. The products are wildly variable - everything from mushroom pills to different exercise equipment to books - but the end goal is always the same: to help women get as lean as possible. Inevitably these pitches are all illustrated with pictures of 18-year-olds with perfectly sculpted abs. I don't even need to describe them further, because you already know exactly what I'm talking about. They're in magazines and on websites, everywhere. ...more
I am all for reverting back to a time of pin-ups, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren. Look, I don't ...more

Blogging in Moderation: A Lesson for Life

Wearing a gold 80's leotard. Climbing a piece of silk 100 feet in the air. Punching until my knuckles bled. Eating beans that could have killed me. I've done a lot of stupid things in the name of health. I got into fitness for the dubious reason of dealing with a past sexual assault and the ensuing court case (nothing like actual running to help you run away from your problems!) so I suppose it only makes sense that my journey to health had a few seriously unhealthy pit stops. ...more

It takes strength to face our own demons, and none us are without them. Tis a brave thing to ...more

What Type of Exerciser Are You?

What kind of exerciser are you? Take this handy quiz to find out (I love quizzes!) ...more

The Sit Down Diet

While Intuitive Eating has 8 "guidelines" for eating, the second one is the one I have found most helpful: Always sit down to eat. Roth likes to say (and even titled her book thusly), "If you're going to eat at the refrigerator, pull up a chair." How many times a day do you find yourself mindlessly nibbling something? ...more

I hit bottom on this issue about 2 weeks ago. I made a rule for myself that I could only eat ...more

Get Lean with a Change to Your Exercise Routine

Running is the gold standard of fitness. Not only is it the best calorie burn (after swimming) but it's also touted as the ultimate fat burner. Plus you get ultimate bragging rights at every social function from fiestas to Facebook. If you're looking to get fit, the first thing you do is strap on those running shoes and hit the pavement, right? That's what we've all been taught anyhow. My friends, we were taught wrong. ...more
I have absolutely jumped into the latest craze of weight lifting vs hours of cardio.  It ...more

Meditation: The Simplest Health Tip Has the Biggest Benefits

While we may think that we already know all there is to know about breathing - in, out, in, out, repeat until death, right? - you'd be amazed at how often we forget to do it and do it right. The only thing tricky about meditation is the fact that it's so simple. You sit quietly. (No you don't have to sit ramrod straight with your hands in classic "ohm" position.) You focus inward. You breathe deeply. That's it! ...more
That is a great idea especially before eating! I would have never thought to do that! I want to ...more

Frugal Fitness: Get a Great Workout for Free

The trick to finding exercise that you love is to try everything but as anyone who has looked at the impressive offering of classes (Trapeze! Hanging yoga! Pilates Reformer!) at an Equinox gym and then looked at the price to become a member of Equinox will know - exercise ain't cheap. But it can be, and I'm going tell you how to not only get in on the fun for a discount, but often for free. ...more
Love these tips!  I'd never thought about doing reviews on the blog!  Will definitely be asking ...more

Rejecting Food Without Being Rude

But what if you don't want the cake right now? What if you're on a roll with your clean eating and you feel awesome and energetic and you don't want to lose that? How do you respond to these well meaning people who want to send you on the blood-sugar roller coaster to hell? It's a touchy subject but if you plan out your responses in advance, it makes it much easier. Your first little step today is to practice how to respectfully speak to other people about what you want and need while still maintaining appropriate boundaries. (Bonus: if you can figure out how to talk to others this way you're 90% of the way to speaking to yourself with such kindness!) ...more

Thanks for the "politeness" reminders! i've got no problem saying it as kindly as possible ("i'd ...more