The Day I Understood My Grandmother's Pain

I look back now and realize the similarities. Her very round, rosy cheeks. The fingers she could not straighten. The endless hours of sitting next to her while she rested. My grandfather's devotion to her, getting her whatever she wanted and needed despite years upon years of trials and tribulations, the reality of marriage. A similarity in which I would normally find comfort sends chills down my spine. Similarities I hope will end soon. ...more

I read this the other day and couldn't comment on my phone. It made me think of my memaw and the ... more

Do Tell: Twilight vs. True Blood! Tell Us Which Vampire Series You Prefer to Win Both Sets of Books

It must be Vampire Season. Last month, Charlaine Harris released Dead in the Family, the tenth novel in Sookie Stackhouse series -- the basis for the series True Blood. ...more

I loved the twilight books but the movies just seem geared more toward the younger people. ... more