How To Handle Negative Comments on Food Blogging Posts

I consulted some of the foodie geniuses that I am lucky enough to read and asked their opinion on foodie negative feedback. Most agree, there is a time and place. If a recipe has flaws (significant or not) most really appreciate having that pointed out so they can make adjustments! They also agree that you have to develop a thick skin to be a food blogger. It was discovered that people will leave bad comments/ratings based on taste alone ... something that would be impossible to make universally pleasing. ...more

I think commenting on blogs is similar to eating in a restaurant.

Many people will really be ... more

Kenmore Elite Appliance Reviews and Sweepstakes!

Four lucky BlogHer Reviewers upgraded to the latest appliances from Kenmore. Each blogger is updating us on their experience over the next few weeks as they discover how truly innovative these appliances are. After reading their posts and learning about the advanced features, which appliance would make the biggest change in your life? ...more

I really would love the refrigerator. You know why? Cuz each week we host and feed 30 teenagers ... more

Tamron Lens Reviews and Sweepstakes!

I truly need this lense for my photo shots. love the extra wide angle and the ability to shoot ... more

Hey Group! Nice to meet ya!

Just really digging into blogher! I can't wait to connect with fellow foodies.  Had a food blog now for around 9 months and truly lovin' it!  Drop me a line! Cooking with Love, ~Katie

Unforgettable Salsa


Sassymonkey - yes - it is great to make in winter.  I am looking for a good fresh salsa ... more

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