15 Fun Family Activities for Black Friday

I have always been amazed at the way Americans clamber for a great deal the day after Thanksgiving. I mean, did we really just spent a holiday expressing gratitude for family, friends, health and all the other non-material blessings in our lives only to wake up 3am to score a cheap TV! That is just nuts....more
We don't usually go shopping on Black Friday. We had tons of fun making wacky videos, dancing ...more

10 Children's Classics from the 1980s

As with all my classic book lists, my aim is not to rehash the most famous books of the decade. Instead, I want to introduce you to a few titles that you may not be familiar with but are still worth reading. I'm also very pleased that this list contains a number of books which are quite suitable for younger audiences, both in reading level and subject matter. It's my hope that there is something for everyone on this list. ...more
@wilhcarm The best books provide so much material for extra discussion, right?more