Skyping into the Seder: When Technology and Holidays Meet

Jack and Estelle and their family unofficially "adopted" me about 30 years ago, and we have became family. I have participated in almost every Passover seder with their family since then. These have largely been in NYC. This year (for a variety of reasons) I am unable to join them all at their son Daniel and his wife Leora's home in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I put on a brave face, but my heart was hurting. ...more

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Mata -

What a wonderful story.. thanks for sharing. In my ... more

Announcing BlogHer Food '11, May 20-21 in Atlanta, GA!

Today, I'm thrilled to announce the dates and venue for BlogHer Food '11, our third annual foo...more

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What a nice way to end 2010 with BlogHer Food coming to ... more

A Gift

Driving in the Momvan last night my daughter asked me if animals died like people die. This is a frequent conversation in our home lately, stemming from my rash of hospital stays and influx of relatives and friends helping to care for me and mine. ...more

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Sending lots of virtual hugs and warm thoughts Truly a time to ... more

On Mad Men, Women in the Advertising Industry, Diversity, Mentors and Balance: BlogHer Talks to Deutsch CEO Linda Sawyer

Earlier this year, Advertising Age magazine named its Agency A-List wherein it recognized what they considered the best advertising agencies in 2008 based on key criteria including innovation, effectiveness and growth. Ad Age illustrated the article announcing the selection of the A-List with a group portrait of the leaders of the selected agencies. ...more

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Maria - one of the things I love most about social media ... more

Let's Have An Atlanta Area BlogHer Meetup in June! Who's in?????

I remember my first meet-up with Atlanta BlogHers last October. It was amazing. I had the opportunity to meet BlogHers "in real life" that I read on a regular basis and many that I met for the first time. I still keep in touch with many of these women; we stop by each others blogs occasionally, tweet together and sometimes meetup. A good number of us will be attending the BlogHer 09 Conference that is appropriately themed "In Real Life." Unbelievably BlogHer 09 is less that 90 days away!

The Importance of Aunts

My sister had her first child on Wednesday, April 29th, and that made me a first time "official" aunt. (I decided that in keeping with my family's Eastern European Jewish heritage, I wanted to be called Tante Suzanne instead of Aunt Suzanne.) Since yesterday was Mother's Day, and from the vein of self-interest from which a large number of my blog topics emerge, it made me think about the role of aunts in people's lives. ...more

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 Suzanne - wonderful post. thank you for reminding folks ... more

Oh, to be a social media guru, now that jobs are here

Remember The Best Job in the World: Going Viral from last January? To refresh you on the details, the job involved hanging out on islands of Australia's Great Barrier Reef and talking about it on various social media sites for a huge paycheck. After a long and well-publicized campaign to find the right person for this dream job, the post has finally been filled. ...more

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 Elisa - thanks for your mention. I can't helping ... more

Make A Delicious Change and Enter to Win a $1,000 Spa Gift Card from Crystal Light!

  Update 6/1/09: The sweepstakes has now ended. Thank you for your interest in this special offer. You can find the winner for this and other sweepstakes here.

Join BlogHer On The Road! All Reach Out Tour Cities Now Open For Registration

If you can't make it to BlogHer '08 in San Francisco this year, maybe you can join us in one of our SIX "Reach Out Tour" cities this fall? We'll be condensing our annual event into one-day extravaganzas in Boston, DC, Nashville, Greensboro, Atlanta and New Orleans. And you can register now for any or all of them! ...more

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Thrilled to welcome my BlogHer friends to Hot'Lanta. 


Social Media Manners

I had the honor of participating in BlogHer Biz '08. Part of my gig was to lead one of the round table 'experts' discussions. However, as what usually happens in a free flowing BlogHer conversation, I learned more from the fabulous women than I gave. Our talk turned to etiquette in social media .. what is proper and politie in the digital world. Do we still need to remember our manners? The Divas round the table kindly agreed to share their thoughts. ...more

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Vered - ... more