Well this looks nothing like the picture...

Since we are on a boil water notice and have not had power for several days (at our house in South LA, remember we evacuated) let's look at some recent Pinterest fails. Because every good thing from Pinterest is met by an equally not so good thing.  Fail #1 The Poached Egg Trick...more

Sunday Lunch...a serious repeat

If you check out my blog louisianabride.blogspot.com you'd understand why I say serious repeat. Last Thursday I made BBQ chicken whole wheat pizza for my MIL, then that Sunday I made 3 different whole wheat pizza's for my family back home...and now my husband invited 8 friends over so I can make 3 more whole wheat pizza's tomorrow for lunch. I was attempting to do a "Sunday Lunch" post every week and make something different...but it looks like it may skip a week. ...more