Catch Toss Throw: Juggling Motherhood

Within ten minutes of walking through the door, the boy slammed his finger and stood sobbing in the sunroom. On the couch the girl howled in frustration as she tried to yank the newly purchased baroque-like Halloween costume over her head. It itches, she yelled; help me. Do you not see me? I asked her as I held the weeping boy on my lap. Your brother is crying. I’ll help you in a minute....more
Beautifully written! And juggling it is...more

Life Before Kids: We Used to Be Like That Couple at the Movies

We used to look like them. Be like them. Leaving the dark theatre they hold hands and chat about the movie. I watch as his arm goes around her waist and he pulls her close. Following them down the wide spiral staircase I wonder what they will do now. Stop at a cafe where they will linger for hours over coffee, sometimes reading and sometimes talking? Head for an early dinner at their favourite restaurant? Maybe even go their separate ways, pressing tight against each other for a long lingering kiss before making plans to see each other again soon. ...more

Along with four other couples, my husband and I have started a monthly "gourmet" club. Last ...more

Hitting isn't the same as hitting on

From where I sat on a bench with the kids eating snacks I could see the girl come running across the park. Nine or ten years old, the girl headed straight for her mother. Mom! she yelled. What's wrong? asked the mom. He hit me! the girl said through her tears. She pointed back towards where she had come from. Her mother slowly pulled the story from her. She hugged her daughter and comforted her....more

No, that is exactly what I thought after. I wondered what she is going to think is okay for boys ...more

April fools

I have a deep distrust of April Fools Day. I worry that the joke is always going to be on me. Maybe it isn't true. Maybe my memory is playing tricks of time on me. Maybe it was the day before or the day after or even the next week. What I remember was that it was April 1st. April 1st I stood in front of the bathroom mirror taking my time adjusting my side ponytail like only a girl in grade six can. When I was satisfied I went downstairs and joined my parents and sister at the kitchen table. I think we eating pancakes....more

It is funny how those dates stay with you. I feel the same way about Valentines day, I have had ...more


I am learning that parenting is all about moments. The bad ones. The good ones. This is a good one.The girl was with me in the kitchen while I was making a late dinner. She asked for a story, but I was focused on preparing the food and suggested she listen to some music instead....more

Finally hooking up with BlogHer

Hi everyone! I signed up for BlogHer two months ago but finally sat down and spent some time here today. I guess I was too busy blogging to get around to it. :-) I am looking forward to meeting new bloggers and learning about all of you. I am at home with two little ones (both under three) and my blog has become my sanity saviour on days when the kids are driving me CRAZY! ...more