Annmarie Kelly

      I'm totally passionate about women taking charge... read more

Annmarie Kelly


      I'm totally passionate about women taking charge of their lives and living life ON PURPOSE.

      My passion grew because for years I didn't do the very thing I now help women do. Back then I was a "good girl" who followed [what I call] the pre-program, kept the peace, and accommodated everyone but myself. But all that got me was a lot of discontent - which I held inside and let it eat away at me. It also got me a lot of bad treatment from my siblings - they mocked me, didn't take me seriously and treated me like I was invisible, unless and until they wanted something from me.

       At first it wasn't easy for me to speak up, step up and victory up, but I learned and I did it.

       Since then, my life has been decidedly more satisfying and happy. I've been married for a long time to a terrific man. I live in a beautiful part of Pennsylvania. My health is good and my friends are the best a woman could have. I LOVE that I have a business which helps women empower themselves so they too can BE MORE of who they are, DO MORE that satisfies their soul and HAVE MORE of the life of their dreams.

       For fun I like to walk, hike, go to the beach, vacation in Maine, and travel to places with historical significance. I also enjoy dancing, including ballroom - though I'm not the best at it. I'm not a particularly good cook, but I enjoy baking - Christmas cookies and Easter bread are my favorites.

       I joined blogher a while back, but then was caringiving for my mother; she made her transition in early 2010. So now I'm fully back to work and looking forward to connecting with you!