City of Hope and Superfoods

Over the last decade, much attention has been given to the idea that some foods, aptly labeled “superfoods”, are especially good for us. I recently had the privilege of meeting with doctors and scientists at City of Hope and the Beckman Research Institute to learn about the research they are doing on the anti-cancer properties of various foods. Although much of their work is still in early stages, it's so promising, I thought I would share some of what I learned with you. ...more

Cookbook Review: Nancy Hachisu's Japanese Farm Food

There's a word in Japanese, subarashii (すばらしい), that means "splendid" or "magnificent," a fitting word to describe Nancy Singleton Hachisu's stunning cookbook Japanese Farm Food. From the moment you pick up this book and touch its indigo cloth spine, and feel the heft of almost 400 pages, you know there is something magical inside. Open the book and far from being disappointed, you are awed by the gentle beauty of the photos, the layout, of everything. This is a beautifully crafted work, clearly a labor of love, and reflective of a life rich in love, community, hard work, and great food....more

Cooking advice from the master, my mom

Cross-posted at Simply Recipes  My mother is one of those intuitive cooks in the kitchen. 73 years old, and having raised six kids, she doesn't follow recipes anymore. If you watch her while she cooks, the timing just appears to happen seamlessly. Whereas I'm good for only making one dish at a time, mom can coordinate a whole meal for 8 - a main course protein, one or two veggie sides, a starch, and a salad - without getting remotely flustered. She's always tasting whatever she is cooking, and adjusting the seasonings. She cooks from memory and a well developed sense of what works together well, and how flavors come in balance. ...more
Great post Elise! Your mom has so many great tips. I was just wondering about #10 and the ...more

How to Build Blog Traffic - Search Engines and SEO

This article is a part of a series of posts on How to Build Blog Traffic (see Intro). One of the key ways that people find your site is through a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN. Placing highly on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) when someone is doing a search will almost guarantee lots of traffic of new visitors to your site. In fact, search engine results placement is so important for the business models of thousands of web-based companies that an entire industry of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals exists to advise people on how to score better in the search returns. ...more
I always learn something new when I read tips about SEO.  This time around, it was about the ...more

Happy Pig? Lucky Pig.

Growing up a city girl in Los Angeles, I was always fascinated by farms and orchards. I still have vibrant memories of picking pears and hunting rabbits in Antelope valley with my dad. Such a different world of nature than the manicured lawn of our home in the city. In our hectic modern lives we don't often stop to think where are food comes from. Who grew this tomato? Where did this chicken live, and how was it (she) housed? ...more

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to make sure you saw the important follow-up to this topic that ...more

Home Cooking is Cool Again

The New York Times recently ran a piece by Julia Moskin on the current trend away from glorification of celebrity chefs and back to regular home cooking. (See Food for the People, Whipped Up by the People.) ...more

Hi Elise,

I am so happy to hear that home-cooking is coming back! Personally what is the ...more

Customize Your Google Search

Google recently released a very cool new feature. Google is now letting us create our own custom search engines, based on a list of websites that we choose. I've started playing around with it here at I often like to link to other food blogs in my posts on my recipe blog and this custom search makes it easy to search the food blogs I frequent. ...more

I've been using FreeFind for all of my sites search needs for years - it's wonderful. For those ...more

Chef Shuna Fish Lydon's Podcast from BlogHer

At the Bird of a Feather food blogging gathering at BlogHer, pastry chef Shuna Fish Lydon was interviewed for the Chris Pirillo Show. Articulate and insightful, Shuna offers her perspective on the food industry, community, blogging, and the great community of food bloggers. Listen to the MP3 here. Contributing editor Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes and Learning Movable Type thinks Shuna Fish is the bee's knees. ...more

Shuna certainly sounds passionate about what she's doing.

Kalyn Denny

Happy Birthday Julia

Julia Child almost single-handedly introduced America to the art of French cooking, and taught a generation of women to cook in her PBS series, The French Chef. She would have been 94 today. In her honor, Lisa Morgan of Champaign Taste has kicked off an Annual Julia Child Birthday Celebration, encouraging food bloggers to cook a recipe from one of Julia's several cookbooks. Lisa kicks off the event with a Julia menu to drool over: ...more

Oh, but then I did come to America of my own accord, so maybe I am crazy after ...more

How to Build Blog Traffic - How do people find your blog?

This article is part of a series of posts on How to Build Blog Traffic (see Intro). If our goal is to increase our blog traffic, the primary question we need to ask ourselves is, how do people get to our blogs in the first place? Understanding how people learn about our blogs, and make their way over to visit them, will help us better understand how to use technology to increase our visibility. So, how do people find out about us? ...more
Very helpful! Thank you so much for writing this. :-) Check out my blog below: ...more