Gypsy: A Fai-Re-Tale

 They say she danced from her mother’s womb. They say her first yelps were a song to the ear. They say she was born with the pulsing rhythm of her heart glowing red beneath her golden skin. ...more
Beautiful! I'm glad she found her voice again :)more

Again with the tension?! (Or, It's OK not to know.)

 It’s happened again. An old theme has come circling around, adding another new level of understanding....more

Healing Connections

Since I began grad school last August I have been particularly awe-struck by the twins, Synchronicity and Serendipity. Connections everywhere! Seemingly unrelated events, conversations, books, memories, people have suddenly fallen together like perfectly synchronized cogs. My life paths and how they have led to where I am and what I am doing today is the most amazing and surprising of all....more

Are you an elephant?

 It has been said that elephants, even as they grow in size and strength, do not attempt to pull away from their tether, not realizing they have the ability. They remain immobilized by a tiny stake placed there in their infancy. Staked to the past, a past that is no longer relevant to who they are or how strong they have become....more

Great post!
It´s incredible how we often choose to cling onto something that happened 15-20-30 ...more

I Write to Know I AM

I have been evaluating my Purpose lately and bottom line is: I need to write. I have no choice in this matter, it is my calling, my need, my salvation. Denying it would be like dragging my spirit along a dirt road; after not too long it would battered, bruised and bleeding. ~~~ It’s not like I write anything personal… ...more

I started up my blog to share what I learned about perinatal mood disorders from my own brush ...more

Quoting Christina: We Write!

What I think we are up to, we throngs of journal-writing pilgrims, is reclamation. We are searching for ways to reclaim a sense of place, a sense of empowerment, a sense of healthy relationship between our lives and our times. We look for whatever can help us make sense of the moment. We Write. (Christina Baldwin, Life’s Companion)...more

Write over your past

I'm good at telling others how to use writing for their own healing and self-discovery, but as the saying goes, "Physician, heal thyself."  ...more

When it's hard to be positive

I landed myself a little job last week. And it is making me very, very sad. It’s an easy job. For just a couple hours a day I post links to the blog of a non-profit. No-brainer kind of work that helps out with the bills. So, what’s the problem? The non-profit organization happens to be a hospital based in Haiti....more

I try to put a positive spin on it. I felt how you did/do. I wanted to help, I'm a Nurse, ...more