One Mom Lightens Her Load—Of Laundry

It's such a cliché that I hate even to write about it. But it is my reality, and the reality of millions of parents worldwide. My life is ruled by The Laundry. The Laundry is bullshit. If I dare skip a day, it gathers in the darkened hamper and commits unspeakable acts. Dirty socks rub up against filthy shirts and they have nasty laundry sex and spawn little laundry babies. So that when I go to do the wash the next day, I stare at the piles and think, how did this happen? Didn't I just wash that?...more
The bane of my life! I have given up folding and putting away the kids' laundry. If I fold it ... more


My daughter might have a hard time forming bonds with her peers, or the actual humans around her, but she has no issue with attaching herself to an inanimate object. Well, not the usual teddy bear or doll. No, those she doesn't really care about and she has never had a "lovey". Instead, she keeps, or tries to keep, practically everything non-toy she has never come into contact with. ...more

This is exactly my daughter too! I cannot throw anything away in her presence and she frequently ... more

Your Faith, My Loss

There is a weight that is hanging on my shoulders today.  There is a loneliness that is palpable in the air.  I am totally absent from the every day.  I'm distracted and spending way too much time online trying to fill the feelings.  I should meditate.  I should at least exercise.  I have piles of laundry and lunch to clean up.  The kids are finally napping, so I should be working.  But my breath feels heavy.  My soul feels burdened.  ...more

Although I am not experiencing this within my family (thankfully!) I come from that background ... more

Do Tell: Share Why You Need a Date Night to Win a $250 Dinner for Two

Tell why you need a date night out -- whether it's with your partner, your kid, your bestie or someone brand-new to your life. If you win, dinner's on BlogHer -- up to $250 worth at a restaurant of your choice near you. ...more

My husband and are both workaholics. I'm a writer/workshop facilitator and he's a self-employed ... more

"Far Away Face Girl": When You Just Don't See Yourself Like Others Do

When I was 15 years old, I was a hard-core “Thespian.”  Which basically meant I was a tool who wore black and crystals, enjoyed misery, took my big freaking tome of The Complete Works of Shakespeare with me everywhere and read interpretive poetry about my pain aloud in front of mirrors back-lit by candles and set to music like “Gloomy Renaissance Nose-Flute Quartet: The Greatest Hits” in my bedroom. ...more

I so relate to this. A boy told me once that my nose got all pointy when I laughed and ... more