Just for fun

I loved to play as a kid.  Many of my fondest memories include the hours upon hours of playing with Barbie and all her glorious accessories.    I had a nice group of friends in my little neighborhood, and over the summer the moms would take turns letting us turn their dens and basements into Barbie Land.  We set up her Townhouse complete with elevator, her jeep, her Corvette, her Fold-In-Fun House (you know, for when she is taking a break from the Townhouse), her kitchen, and, of co...more

Married with children

Time and time again, I hear news stories and read magazine articles about how kids ruin marriage.  And how marital happiness decreases after children.  It all seems so doom and gloom, like these married with children people are up the creek without a paddle in the Lake of Unhappiness before diving off the Cliff of Divorce.   Why does it have to be this way?  And why does everyone think that once kids come along, marriage...more