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Trade-up to Febreze NOTICEables and surround yourself with freshness for for the whole month, every month!* Unlike other electric fresheners, it actually eliminates odors from the air. And while you may get used to the others, you’ll always notice NOTICEables. That’s because NOTICEables oil warmer alternates between two complementary scents all day.  ...more

There is a lovely little room just inside my back door that houses the dog, his kennel, five ... more

Greening Your Child's Gift Exchange

It's that time of year again.  Time to wrap up the business of the classroom and enjoy a few holiday activities before a well-deserved Christmas vacation.  The last hurrah?  An afternoon party to celebrate, complete with games, crafts, a treat, and a gift exchange....more

I'm all for simple, inexpensive gifts of quality. Nice list of options. Thanks! more

Soup To Make All Your Dreams Come True

It's that good. This soup kicks butt and takes names. It is the answer to most of what is wrong in your life. It will make you clutch at your bosom and roll your eyes heavenward, thanking God in Heaven that on the eighth day He created this soup. It may even make you thin, rich and famous, though I can't be responsible for all of that. It's pretty darned good. ...more

This sounds delicious and uses my favorite legume. Can't wait to try it!