You Don't Need to Use Curse Words in Blog Posts

I don't care what you want to call it. It's idiotic. I hate reading a blog post with a bunch of f-bombs (or any curse words for that matter). It's like the author can't think of another way to express themselves so they lower their standards to speak as neanderthals. The story may be good but if the post contains a lot of profanity, I refuse to share it or like it, and it's highly doubtful I will come back to that blog ever again. ...more
I use curse words pretty sparingly in my blog (a lot less than in real life), but sometimes they ... more

3 Things Bloggers Need to Do Before the Google Update Tomorrow

It is important for all bloggers to understand the Google update coming up on April 21st. As in, tomorrow. Even if you do not pay much attention to your Google rankings, this update will still affect your page traffic and audience reach. If you are not a website owner or blogger, you may still find it interesting how Google is trying to create an even better searching experience when using your mobile devices. Here are three things bloggers need to do before the update on April 21st. ...more
I'm still on Typepad, so my choice of responsive templates was very limited. However, because ... more

The Saddest Things About Spring Cleaning, in GIFs

It's the least-favorite time of the year: Spring cleaning....more
Don't forget taking all the ratty house plants outside and picking off the dead leaves. more

How to Find Amazing Photos You Can Legally Use

Here's the thing: You can't use someone else's photo on your blog or in social media without permission. Even if you give attribution and a link back to the photographer. Even if everyone you know does it all the time. Even if you think the photographer will like the promotion you're giving her. Even if you have ASKED permission from someone to use one of her photos in the past! ...more
I Creative Commons license all my photos on Flickr and try to choose ones to upload that have ... more

What's On Your Workout Playlist?

It's the time of year when I sit down and reassess my fitness goals. What do I want to accomplish this year? How am I going to meet my goals? What is my motivation? I don't know the answers to all of those questions right now so I'm doing something I do well—I'm procrastinating. I decided to make a new workout playlist but I'm not especially good at making playlists. I reached out to the BlogHer Editors for help. Here are some of our favorite workout songs....more
The soundtrack to "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation" has been at the top of my workout list for ... more

You've Read All Six Jane Austen Novels, So What Should You Read Next?

Salutations, Bookworms! Let’s talk about Jane Austen. I love her to pieces, but she only wrote six novels and a handful of short stories. Six novels! What is one to do once one has finished ALL THE AUSTEN? I have good news for you, my fellow Austen-ites. There are a lot of other Austen nerds. Austen nerds who have written Austen-inspired books. I made a list for you. You can thank me later. ...more
I love the two "Bitch In a Bonnet: Reclaiming Jane Austen from the Stiffs, the Snobs, the Simps ... more

3 Approaches for How to Organize Your Closet

It's January, and you're revved on resolutions, right? You're going to get organized and save money and be green and not buy anything off the clearance rack! I applaud you, inspired person! Let my mistakes be your helping guide....more
My closet is roughly organized by garment type: dresses, t-shirts, blouses, sweaters, skirts, ... more

Can I Leave My Dog's Poop in My Neighbor's Garbage?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,Whenever I take my dog for a walk, he inevitably poops after about 10 minutes....more
My personal rule when I'm walking my (small) dog, is that I will take advantage of a trash ... more

20 Food Blog Trends That Need to Die in 2015

Honestly, people, we don't know why we even bother. We do the very hard work of reading all the blogs and spotting all the hackneyed trends for you, and for what? We've officially lost the war on stripey straws, mason jars, quinoa, and pumpkin spice. But we're still fighting the good fight, so we've rounded up a whopping 20 food blog trends that got so tired that we can't even. (And you shouldn't either. Or maybe you should. Whatever. Be that way. ) ...more
baddestmotherever I'm on a cultured butter kick right now. It makes every baked good amazing. more

Stop! You Can't Give 'You Have to F*cking Eat' to a Parent

Certain parenting truths exist that those who cling to their hipness after childbirth are loath to reveal. Being an adult gets harder as the children grow older and begin to understand what is really in your juice glass at their birthday parties. Do you remember the day you realized you could no longer Speak-n-Spell your way through conversations about Christmas presents, flu shots and blow jobs? Yeah. That extends to reading. As in kids who know how to read and who also live in your house....more
I hadn't thought about the fact that my freedom to cultivate a love for profanity was one of the ... more