Dear Racists, Was the Volkswagen Commercial YOUR Idea or What?

Dear Racists, Apparently, this Volkswagen commercial from the Super Bowl was indeed racist. Please tell us if this is some of your racist handiwork, or even something you would use to spread your racism. ...more
Uh I really don't see what's to be offended about?? People really need to lighten up. more

Tiny Pincushion Tutorial

The children and I have been working on a lot of projects -- mostly sewing, beading, and some papercraft. Here is a brief tutorial for a tiny pincushion made with a bottle cap as the base. You can whip these up in about two minutes! Very addictive to make. ...more

How adorable are those. I love them. Very pretty.Those are just the cutest. ... more

Holiday Party Ideas

 New Holidays posts up for party ideasMaryBeth...more

Enjoy Country ... more

Mom Follows Her Instincts, Revives 'Dead' Newborn with Kangaroo Care

After Australian mom Kate Ogg gave birth to premature twins at 27 weeks gestation, her doctor gave her the news no mother wants to hear. One of the twins -- a boy -- didn't make it, but that's just the beginning of this heartwarming story. ...more

Wow what a miracle for sure.Elohim ( God) certainly has plans for this little one.
I don't ... more

Show & Tell: NieNie Asks -- What Does Your Living Area Look Like at 3PM?

Hi all, I'm back with another weekly question for you. What does your living area look like at 3:00 pm? Does it look like this? Toys everywhere and the kids pooped out? Leave a picture or tell me in the comments. I wanna know! -NieNie ...more

Wow I wish I had a livingroom. See my husband has control of that room and well, enough said. I ... more

Read and share about what matters to you and enter to win $150

Update 9/12~ This sweepstakes has now ended.  Thank you for your interest.  Winner will be announced soon....more

The things that make my life meaningful are my kids and being outdoors in nature taking a minute ... more

This Isn't Your Grandma's Christian Blog

Last month the blogger behind "Stuff Christians Like" asked his readers to share what they thought were the best Christian blogs. Some of the responses were the names of (relatively, in the Christian blogging community) high-profile blogs, some were of much smaller blogs, and several were flat-out self-promotions. It probably won’t surprise you, but not one of them was my blog. ...more

Hi I love your writing. Very well said. Praise Elohim, for allowing me to read this. ... more

What Do You Think of the Term "Mommyblogger"?

The term "mommyblogger" has been deconstructed at length in the parenting blogosphere and beyond.  Some think the term fits, and others don't.  Either way, it seems to be a loaded word likely to generate more discussion. ...more

I have a blog and it is not centered around kids (athough now it will be for a while as kids are ... more

Enter the Snapfish Father's Day Sweepstakes and Win 1 of 10 $50 Gift Cards Weekly!

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