Stick this in your pipe and unclutter it!

Growing up, my mother always kept her house clean and suprisingly well organized. I had to have gotten my organizational ocd from someone and I blame her. This trait has helped me in acquiring several office manger type positions during my years of employment. And has saved me a lot of time and frustration when looking for everyday things.  This all of course was while I was still single and happily moving from big city to big city chasing down adventures. ...more

I have recently been feeling increasingly disturbed and upset by the clutter in my home. It ...more

How many blogs does it take...

I have always been one of those writers that in an attempt to organize my thoughts, I write in several journals all at once. I have SO many ideas on things I want to write about or share with people I dont know where to begin. So, eventually I will put down the current journal for something better, only to be outdone by the next journal I start. Its an ugly cycle and eventually ends in my not writing at all. I should have just stuck to one.  ...more