Getting The Email Monkey Off My Back

351. That is the number of unread emails in my email inbox. 10,196 is the total number of messages. And that's just one inbox. I have others. During the BlogHer conference and associated travel I did not have access to email. This despite bringing my laptop, my iPod Touch and my BlackBerry. The BlackBerry I bought specifically to be able to check my email on the road. Nothing worked for me and so I just had to let the messages pile up for days. And since I've returned I cannot seem to get below 351 unopened messages. ...more

I am sitting here with 724 items in my inbox. And no, that is not a typo.

I've realized ... more

BlogHer of the Week: Conversion Diary

There's a nutty truth to human nature -- mine anyway. Here it is: Even when I have a roof over my head, healthy loved ones, plenty to eat, my father isn't trying to sell me and I don't live in a war zone... Sometimes? I whine. In Escape from "If Only!" Island, Blogger Jennifer F goes owns that human weakness, even going so far as to subtitle her post, "On My Staggering Inability to be Grateful". She writes: ...more

Lisa, I'm so honored to have my post chosen, and I enjoyed reading your thoughts as well. So ... more