Ronna Detrick, M.Div.

I have provocative conversations about God & women. They change everything.... read more

Ronna Detrick, M.Div.


I have provocative conversations about God & women. They change everything. I promise.

You might think that because I’m ordained, a spiritual director, and the former wife of a pastor that I have answers about God, an unshakeable faith, and am a devout church-attendee. You’d be mistaken.

I talk about faith because I doubt. I talk about God because I hope. And I create sacred spaces for community, conversation, and congregation because I believe you are praying for the same.

  • I confess that I am on a personal campaign to change the world. (Too much to ask?) 

  • I confess that I am ravenous for smart, sophisticated conversations about women, faith, and God that don’t cause my skin to crawl or my claws to come out or my defenses to go up.

  • I confess to the alchemy-like miracle that happens when you and I can talk about your faith (or lack thereof). Epiphanies will transpire, angelic hymns will be heard, andreformation/transformation will pour forth.

  • I believe that when women’s stories change, everything changes – philosophies, religions, systems, structures, beliefs, politics, leadership, homes, children, commerce, planetary alignment, whole worlds.  Did I mention that everything changes?