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I have been teaching culinary classes since 1992 at various cooking... read more

Dear Martha Stewart, Here's What You SHOULD Have Said About Bloggers

Dear Martha Stewart, Lots of bloggers are highly miffed with you right now, and I get why. ...more
No matter how big you are, burning bridges is never a good idea. Am I disappointed by Martha ...more

How can I earn money blogging?

BlogHer empowers women to achieve their financial goals while participating in the important conversations of our time. Here's How: - Apply to be a part of the BlogHer Publishing Network and get paid via an advertising revenue share and work for hire rate card. You can find the guidelines and application in the My Opportunities section of your profile. - Apply to be a part of our Social Media Influencers Network and get paid via a work for hire rate card for your work. You can find the information and application in the My Opportunities section of your profile dashboard. ...more

I just sent the email.more

BlogHer Food '11 Blog Bling!

Welcome to BlogHer Food '11 blog bling -- here you can grab some bling and add some sparkle to your blog!...more

I'm so excited to go this year!!!!


The $100 Question: Jen From Cake Wrecks Asks What Character Cake You Coveted

Welcome to The $100 Question, where fellow BlogHers are asking questions ... and every answer could be worth one hundred dollars! Let's meet today's host: Jen from Cake Wrecks ...more

I got a Ninja Turtle cake for my 6th birthday and it had my favorite character, Leonardo!more

Cuddle Spray for Men

I was listening to the news this morning and apparently they've created a spray for men that will make them more like women and make them want to cuddle.  It's not out yet but they are working on it. ...more

I actually just looked it up online and here's just one of many links I found on the ...more

Is there a way that I can link my blog to

Is there a way that I can link my blog to ...more
When you're on my profile, scroll way down to the My Sites area. I'm pulling in links from ...more

Best cookbook of all time??

I love cookbooks, so I'm looking for some insight here into some new inspiration. My current favorite is 'The Splendid Table's How to East Supper'. Highly informative. Your most used? Favorite?

Lunch and Learn at Viking Cooking School

If I had blinked, I may have missed this culinary gem in the midst of my neighborhood. I had only known Viking to be the makers of ovens, not the creators of culinary schools and I certainly didn't expect there to be a culinary school so close to home, never mind in the northern suburbs of Chicago. ...more

No kidding! Are you going to the meet up in June?

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