Pre-BlogHer '10 Meet-up in Dallas, TX

  Howdy y'all: Join us for pastries, iced tea and chat. You're invited to the meet-up whether or not you plan to go to the conference in NY.  It's not a hosted an opportunity to meet locally,  talk about our blogs and have a good time in our beautiful city. Date: Saturday, July 24th 2010 Time: 4-6pm Location: La Duni Latin Cafe

BlogHer '10 Ticket Swap

Do you have a BlogHer '10 ticket that you can't use? Find someone to buy it from you here. Or if you need a ticket, say so - maybe someone can sell you one!

Do Tell: Share Your Latte Name and Win a Flip Video!

So you're standing in line at the coffee shop, and the barista asks your name. Ever give out a fake? Rita is just so boring. Maybe I should be Cassandra. Or Juliana. Or Contessa Zahara von Edamame. ...more

I normal tell them Rocky more

Do Tell: Share Your Worst Hairstyle and Win an iPad!

There's no easy way to say this, so I'm going to have to just come right out with it. I know that this will shock some of you. You may not be able to read the entire post. There may be some tears. I have a mullet. ...more

I went in to ask for a fun sassy style and I walked away with almost no hair what so ever. I ... more

The $100 Question: Do You Splurge in Spring? Tell Bossy for a Chance to Win!

Welcome to The $100 Question, where fellow BlogHers are asking questions and every answer could be worth one hundred dollars! Let's meet today's host: I Am Bossy is a humorous pop culture blog, featuring one-stop shopping in topics that range from product tutorials to celebrity gossip. ...more

I get a pedicure and a new pair of shorts. more

I'm new to this group

I'm new to this group and wanted to introduce myself.  Looking forward to getting to know some other bloggers in the area.  Go To Ruthie's Renewed Treasures at   Ruthie's Renewed Treasures

Living without my laptop

I recently discovered how living without my laptop is not really living at all. I have become completely dependent on the portability and freedom of movement that I have using my laptop while in my home and on the go.  I have a desktop but using it is far more tedious and less convenient because I have a busy toddler running around and my go to machine during the day (and even night) is my laptop. 


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DFW Blogger Holiday Parties!!

Hey DFW Bloggers: 'Tis the season to par-tay! BlogHer and the local DFW Blogging Group are here to help you get in the mood for some holiday cheer. We're celebrating the season with two (yes, two!) get-togethers during the first week of December.These pre-holiday bashes are great ways to meet fellow bloggers and get involved in our local (and growing!) blogging community.Read below for more details on how to GIVE (we're having a food drive!) and RECEIVE (fun gifts!) with other bloggers this holiday season!

Avent is giving you a chance to win a $500 Visa Gift Card!

Update 9/30/09: This sweepstakes has now ended. Thank you for your interest in this promotion! For more information on all of our other special offers, follow us on Twitter @BlogHerDeals.