BlogHer at Home Twitter Account Brings BlogHer '12 to You

I know what this feels like, missing a conference. All the tweets about fun and friends and great conversations and food and swag and myriad Instagrams of people having So! Much! Fun! Without me. Boo! That said, don't be sad. Because we know this, and we will miss you, too. We'll miss you so much, in fact, that we are not letting you go that easily. We want to keep you involved in the conference through our BlogHerAtHome Twitter feed!...more
 @LuWho4u I remember that! It's where we first met <3 lolIt was a ton of work, but a lot of ... more

We Are Killing Our Children

I believe structure is killing our children. We offer them so much structured learning and play time that they are never put into a situation where they have to be inventive and brave. They NEVER have to learn to figure things out for themselves. Yes, in order to get a child to do what you want when you want, the best way is to create a schedule for them. Structure the basics like meals, potty and sleep so as to structure them from the inside out. This way it is easy to get them used to your schedule and way of doing things. And I agree with this type of structure....more
Wow. There was so much arrogance , hyperbole and unfounded BS presented as facts in this ... more

Update: The Case of Indiana Midwife Ireena Keesler--and Why She Won't Be Practicing

In the past few months, two certified professional midwives have been arrested in Indiana for attending homebirths. As I wrote on BlogHer last week, Ireena Keeslar, 49, a diabetic mother of five, is one. Now this dedicated, experienced midwife who mostly works with low-income Amish women has said she will no longer practice. ...more
While I choose to have a hospital birth for all three of my children, it was just that: My ... more

Walmart and Target Bloggers: The Worth of Your Blog

I am going to attempt to write a Swistle-like post, and it will likely not go that well, but I must try, because there is something that has been weighing on me about blogging, and some emails I get from some of you, which surprise me because my blog is little and tiny, but alas. Here is my message: the quality of your blog is not measured by the number of comments or followers or pageviews you get. ...more
When I first started, I aspired to be a Target blog. Or hell, even a Walmart blog would have ... more

Should Salons Have Child Free Policies?

Have you and your children ever been turned away from somewhere? Not because the kids are being loud and obnoxious. But just because they EXIST. That’s what happened to me today....more
I don't see the issue here. They have a policy, which they clearly feel is necassary for the ... more

I Broke All of the Breastfeeding "Rules"

I read a lot of information on the internet before E was born on what can lead to successful breastfeeding, good latching techniques, when to introduce a bottle, how pacifiers are the devil, etc. I also “broke” every last one of the recommended “rules.”...more
Gah. Nipple confusion. No, I've never met the child that has experienced this mythical nipple ... more

What Do You Do When a Junior High Teacher Is a Porn Star?

Have you seen the story coming out of the Associated Press about the California junior high teacher thought to be moonlighting as a "hard-core" porn star? I have two teenagers, one in junior high and one in high school, and when I first heard this, I couldn't imagine what I'd do if this were one of their teachers. It was a bad judgment call on the teacher's part, no doubt. How long did she think, in this tech and media savvy world, she'd go unnoticed? I mean, I know teacher's salaries aren't what they should be, and many have to take on second jobs...but couldn't she have just gotten a job greeting customers at Bath and Body Works or selling Amway to make some extra cash?...more
Meh. I don't think I'd care. The teacher didn't show the porn in the classroom, yes? She didn't ... more

A Missed Confirmation & a Broken Promise To My Daughter's Birth Mother

Although I am comfortable with my own spirituality and my relationship with God, I am not so comfortable with the fact that I have evidently broken my promise to my daughter’s birth mother. Twenty two years ago when this precious baby girl was placed in my arms, I was given the most amazing gift. Her birth mother trusted me to raise her child, provide for her, protect her and love her unconditionally. She asked for just one single thing in return… That I raise her child as a Catholic....more
You *did* raise her as a Catholic. And then, when she was plenty old enough, you stepped back ... more

Heh, Heh Eh Heh. Beavis & Butthead Are Back.

Heh, heh heh, heh.Uh, huh uh huh....more
It seems like a slightly more intelligent level of snark in the commentaries. The plot lines of ... more

The Baby Doll Dilemma: Is It About the Doll or About Annoying His Sister?

we all cooed over kiddette and her purple goo-gooing doll, and how funny it was that she knew just what to do with the doll, and isn't it strange how she took right to dolls and stuffed animals while her big brother went right for trucks and cars and airplanes and Legos. And then kiddo noticed the doll. Promptly he became obsessed with it....more
Eh. Just get him a doll. They aren't *that* expensive. And if he loses interest in a couple ... more