IKEAHackers Taught Us How to Hack Our Bestås and Navigate a Cease and Desist from IKEA

We should have known when every single IKEA Swedish meatball came onto our plates, perfectly round (and so scary cheap... it is meat... right?), that they weren't really into deviations from their norm.  Well, get ready for your Nyvoll to look like a Nyvoll: IKEA is shutting down the popular non-IKEA owned DIY site, IKEAHackers. ...more
I was going to say the same as StephScottYA . Sites like these definitely motivate me to go to ... more

Ketchup is a Vegetable & Other School Lunch Oddities

Every now and then I'll happen upon a comment about ketchup being a vegetable. It's usually sarcastic and I've never really known the origins to the phrase. I can thank Amy Kalafa's Lunch Wars for clearing it up for me. It seems that in the 1980s there was a directive put forth by the government that looked at reclassifying ketchup (and relish!) as a vegetable. This would have allowed schools to cut out a serving of actual vegetables from school lunches. Scary, isn't it? ...more
I'm having a major "I feel old" moment right now. I totally remember this being an issue in the ... more

Do You Really Know What Your Kids are Eating at School?

While filming Two Angry Moms and writing Lunch Wars Amy Kalafa found many surprising things in school lunches. Some of the caffeinated beverages and fried foods in the school cafeteria were expected, but learning just how much of this junk food was being served at school was surprising. Things like candy being used as a reward in the classroom made her realize that kids were exposed to a lot more junk food than even she thought. ...more
I don't have kids so it's hard to answer this question, but I remember when I was a kid parents ... more

Lunch Wars: School Lunches I Have Known

As I read Amy Kalafa's Lunch Wars, I keep having flashbacks to school lunches I have loved. Or loathed. It depended on the day, really. It seems to me like a good place to start discussions about Lunch Wars -- the school lunches we have personally known. ...more
I absolutely hated the hot lunches at my elementary school, but my mom always packed up the best ... more

Recipes 2009: The Best, The Favorites, The Most Popular

When you're a food blogger, all your recipes are your babies and nobody -- Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner, yes, that's a nod to the loss of Patrick Swayze in 2009. Still, come the end of the year, we're compelled to pick through the list to select our best recipes of the year, some times by choosing our own favorites, other times by checking the stats for the most popular recipes of the year, still other times by finding a more creative route! So here they are, the best recipes of the year, the favorite recipes, the top recipes, the best of our best in 2009. ...more

It looks like you forgot the link for healthy. delicious. The roundup can be found ... more