Who Will Your Child's School Call In An Emergency?

When was the last time you checked your emergency contact information at your child's school? For divorced parents this is often more complicated than for married couples. Each parent needs to take responsibility for ensuring that the school has up-to-date information. Not only that, you need to give very clear instructions that BOTH parents are to be contacted in the event of an emergency. ...more

Deciding to Date Online

One of the many aspects of the Fit4Love coaching program that I like is that it's leading me to my goal at my own pace and it isn't one-size fits all dating advice. Joining Meetup groups might work for some but I just don't have time like that. I need to be more focused, more intentional and that's why I decided to start online dating. ...more

Marriage Status is Irrelevant

Since my divorce, the question on so many surveys and registration forms -- most often from medical providers -- about marital status has puzzled me. I could check that I'm divorced, but I'm more likely to check that I'm single, which is how I see myself. The question is rarely "current marital status," so should I check all that apply? Isn't that more about which of life's most stressful events I've experienced? The more confusing and concerning issue, however, is why this information is being collected. ...more

Making Time For Dating

I read a dating advice article recently that basically said dating after divorce is about time, that is knowing when the time is right to start dating and having the time to date. I know I'm on track with the first part but it's the second element that's been testing me. ...more

What the Longevity Project Tells Us About Divorce and Children

In a January Huffington Post article I praised Colorado state Senator Kevin Lundberg for not introducing a bill that would have forced a mandatory cooling off period on divorcing couples in Colorado so they could attend counseling on the effects of divorce on children. It’s not that I’m not favor of education, I’m just not in favor of the government mandating this or even pre-marriage counseling. ...more

Dating Advice: Start by socializing

I'm currently participating in Fit4Love which is a dating advice program with one-on-one coaching from Sheila Paxton. ...more

Dating Advice: Identifying Your Values

I haven't tried online dating. I almost did once but then I started to look at the profile and I panicked. I couldn't think how I'd respond to some of the questions and I was worried that what I would write would be too boring for anyone to be interested in me. Isn't that awful? ...more

The Breakdown of a Breakup

Just recently, I had the opportunity to interview songwriter, producer and instrumentalist Terry Radigan about her new album, the Breakdown of a Breakup. Terry wrote all the songs on the album about three years ago following the end of her twenty-year marriage. As someone who writes about divorce, it was fascinating for me to talk to Terry and to understand that while I probably couldn't pen a song, writing in any form is therapeutic if you allow your writing to be honest. ...more

Dating Advice: Know Your Strengths

I'm currently participating in a one-on-one dating advice coaching program, Fit4Love and Sheila Paxton is my personal coach. The goal of the program is to prepare me to start dating, for me to feel confident about dating and to enjoy dating. We're not even halfway through the program and I'm already feeling much more comfortable about dating. My work this past week was about knowing my strengths. ...more

Flirting Update

Initiating a conversation ...more