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Part Texan. Part Nashvillian.Born and raised in small town Texas. Fightin’... read more


Part Texan. Part Nashvillian.

Born and raised in small town Texas. Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2003. Bachelor of Science in Journalism. In 2007, I married a touring musician and moved to Nashville.

Writing is my trade and passion. Music is my life.

I am close to my family, and I treasure all of my friendships. I drive a pick-up truck and think blue jeans are the greatest invention of mankind. I have a cat that is my child. Kids will come soon, though, we hope. I love to read, am addicted to the Internet, recently found a talent for photography, get excited about college football (especially my Fightin’ Texas Aggies! Whoop!), and consider myself a pro at traveling.I'm an optimist who lives my life equally relying on faith and logic.

I have worked as a reporter at a small-town newspaper, secretary for my family's tax business, and spent time as strictly a SAHW. Recently, I've thrown myself into my dream of writing for a living. My life revolves heavily around my husband's ever-changing and crazy schedule as a touring musician, and, as such, I've embraced that fact and let it color my writing and point of view.

Photographer. Blogger. Designer. Bartender. || Born and raised in Texas. || Currently living in Nashville, TN. || Married to a wonderful man who happens to be a touring musician. || Fightin' Texas Aggie. || Journalism degree with a love for bringing stories to life with both words and images. || Thinks blue jeans are the great invention of mankind. || My cats are my kids. || Beer snob. || My faith guides me; my conscience leads me. || Thankful and blessed. || HAPPY.

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